Thursday, 16 July 2009

Half Blood Prince

*warning-please don't proceed your reading if you don't want to be spoiled when watching this megablockbuster movie*

Opening-3.8 stars
Pembinaan Plot-3.8stars
Teknik penceritaan-3.8stars
Penstrukturan watak-4.5stars

The Good:
Special Effects: I didn’t even see the film in Ciwalk [better resolution&screen theater] and the special effects were still some of the best I’ve seen. Some of the outside shots of the castle are absolutely brilliant. Spectacular no matter what screen you see it on.
The Acting: Phenomenal. I could (and might) write an entire piece just on their acting. It’s amazing to see the main trio all grow up and be able to perform so well. Although there were a few stand-out performances….
Rupert Grint: His character had the best and most relatable story line. He’s not super smart, he’s not gifted, and he’s not the best looking guy around, BUT he’s always there when you need him and he always gives his best even when others around him are doing better. He doesn’t give up, he keeps trying.
All Grown Up: The characters, the story, the issues, everything has matured. Part of me enjoys seeing them as young adults, but part of me wishes they were still little kids running around with wands.
Plot: You can understand this movie flow easily-no obviously jumping-jumping part-even sometime you will feel quite bored because they arranged it monotonously and SO SLOWLY..

The Bad:
Over/Under Explaining: There are a few scenes that are repetitive and other scenes which feel completely under explained. I didn’t need the plot points explained to me over and over again, we all know Tom Riddle is evil, I needed to know why certain things were happening for no apparent reason.
Half-Blood: I get what it means, but can someone explain why the hell that matters so much?
Ginny: Bonnie Wright may be a great actress but I have yet to see them give her a chance to prove it. She plays a pivotal role in this film and yet has no arch. She had very few lines and I never truly saw what was so desirable about her. Anyway,it’s a romance film with a little of action. The only scene of really action was invented and it’s very poor..Yaa, got it,they're adult now...*sigh*
Dumbledore: Dumbledore and Harry returning from the cave to retrieve the locket – It’s difficult to believe that Harry would let Snape, or anyone else, get away after killing Dumbledore -they should make this scene more dramatic and complicated because to kill someone important like him would be not simply as ABC- without trying to do something. Which is why in the book-my source said- Rowling has Dumbledore paralyze Harry. The movie changes Harry’s character by making him stand silently beneath and observe everything. From Hero to Zero.
Ending: The most annoying part! The entire mystery of the Half Blood Prince falls flat. It’s pretty much left alone until the very end of the movie, where Snape says almost as an aside, “By the way, I am the Half Blood Prince.” The movie is like you drive in a really straight flat road around two and half hour, then there is a small ‘bumper’ ahead-boom!- then your engine STOP-the end- and the audiences will asking-Finish?Is it this ‘Bloody Prince’ movie finished already?Where is the climax?
SRi:Still got exams nextweek. Wish me goodluck ya! Rilly need miracle right now


  1. rupert grint's gurlfrenFri Jul 17, 09:49:00 pm

    belom tgk ma..
    tp kwn2 aku pon kate tak best...

    takpe2..tom felton pnye pasal..hehehehe

  2. lorg,ko g bace sape soh??kan dah jadi maken x best nnti!!adoihlaa budak kecheek neyh~
    [maleh nk kluo nye pasal]

  3. ala..kalau bf aku yg berlakon sume best..
    ape ko tulis ni tak efek pon..ngeee..*mood gatai*

  4. sangat.....kegatalan mu itu sememangnya dh x dapat nk disangkalkn lagi~tpi bukan nk cakap apa laa kan,diz is rilly a dissapointed present for harry potter's fans!!
    so,b4 ko kecewa lebih dalam,semoga ko dh siapkan mental&fizikal lah utk mnerimanya!! XP

  5. ulas skit pasal kesah ni bersangkut paut ngan kesah yahudi?

    saje je tanya..nak dgr ulasan kerabat astana..

  6. dh ready dh..tgk je blom..huhu
    aku baca paper star..dorg pon kate tak best..huhu

  7. 3rdmarch-ana kena cai dulu fakta dia sebab ana bukan penggemar verat harry potter nie pon sevenarnya.. *ada tbaca tntg artikel tsebut, mm,sape tulis eyh? lupe dh..hihi*

    balqis-gud2,bsedialah kamu sblm kamu dsediakan


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