Tuesday, 29 June 2010


To say this has been a disappointing summer would be a massive understatement but the trailers made this look like a fun action comedy. Sure enough, Knight and Day is another great Tom Cruise vehicle, and hopefully the start of a new trend that may salvage the summer.

Knight and Day is a step into more lighthearted territory for Cruise, with this playing out like a comedic version of Collateral, mixed with Mission Impossible. Roy Miller is a great new character for Cruise, which allows him to both show off the comedic chops we saw him display in Tropic Thunder, yet at the same time not stray too far from the action heavy films his been making over the last decade or so. Imagine a slightly insane, lovesick version of Ethan Hunt, and you’ve pretty much got what he’s going for here. Luckily, this combination works, and Miller’s a very likable spy.

Helping matters enormously is that Cruise is paired with Cameron Diaz. In all honesty, Diaz has never been on of my favorites. I hated the Charlie's Angels films, and her recent run of films has been just dreadful. That said, Cruise and Diaz have great chemistry [the previously paired up in Vanilla Sky], and they make a good looking, likable couple on-screen.

Diaz plays a pretty average gal - with a really cool job restoring muscle cars, and she shows off some great comic chops of her own in some of the action scenes where she struggles to keep up with Cruise, although I thought they made her a tad too proficient in the big climactic motorcycle chase. I loved the recurring gag that has Miller drugging her every time things get a little too intense, especially during a sequence that shows flashes of a particularly elaborate escape including a boat chase, and a sky diving. It should also be said, Diaz still looks great in a bikini.

The only areas where Knight and Day comes off a little weak is in the villains department. Peter Sarsgaard, normally an incredible actor, is bland here. For some reason, he also adopts a Boston accent in some scenes, but ditches it in the next. Paul Dano also overdoes it a little as the scientist Cruise is supposed to be protecting. Dano’s a talented guy, but I find he does have the propensity to overact. The story is also a little weak but who cares? It’s all about the chemistry between Diaz and Cruise, with everything else just serving as the MacGuffin.

I really enjoyed Knight and Day, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun flick.

SRi: Who knows the significant of "DAY" in this title's movie angkat tangan!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

A-Team definitely an A-Film

Unlike the somnolent Robin Hood, the tepid Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time or even the schizophrenic Iron Man 2, this at least has some inkling how to keep the adrenaline pumping.

This new film is occasionally cheesy in its own way, but it’s also far smarter than the series ever was.

The movie starts in Mexico, with the team dispersed across the country. The A-Team first reunites in memorable Mexican fashion and then jumps forward several years to Green Zone in Iraq, where Hannibal [Liam Neeson-original actor] and co. are dispatched on a mission to take down a couple of counterfeiting thugs who are smuggling out of Baghdad the metal plates needed to print untold quantities of American dollars. 

The A-Team is ready to rock—make that impatient. This sweaty, happy cartoon spectacle can’t stay still, for better and worse. The fights are chopped into a blur of fists and snaps, the smiles stay big, and as soon as Colonel Hannibal Smith announces that he’s got a plan, we see it unfold in the future, as though the film simply can’t handle it’s own suspense. It’s a summer rollercoaster and a fine one, heavy on biceps and aggression and—crucially—the zinging chemistry between its four leads. 

They’ve all been smartly cast: Neeson’s intelligence crackles across his face like desert lightning; Sharlto Copley’s lunatic Murdock argues that the South African star of District 9 might pull off a Hollywood character actor career, Bradley Cooper remains charming and cocky and UFC champ Quentin “Rampage” Jackson makes B.A. Baracus a teddy bear with bite. He’s got the right energy and the camera likes him well enough, but this isn’t yet his break out performance—for one, he smashes all his words together when he talks. 

Regarding the cast, all four of the stars do a great job with their characters, adding an impressive zing to both their dialogue and the action scenes. Cooper is particularly good, however, as his Faceman not only has to be funny and daring, but also has some solid romantic tension with a female Army officer [Jessica Biel] who once shared a romance with him but is now out to bring them down when she’s misled to believe the Team are the bad guys.

Overall, “The A-Team” movie is so incredibly good in its spectacular center that it overcomes its shoddy opening and end climax to still be well worth the price of admission. I would pity the fool who missed out on the tank scene in particular.

SRi:Always missed A-Team series because the show was too late to stay up-esok sekolah maa~

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Karate Kid

Released in the summer of 1984, The Karate Kid remains a convincing and well-crafted coming-of-age story, a genre that’s often runs the risk of succumbing to contrivance and corn.

The new Karate Kid attempts to walk the walk and talk the talk of its predecessor, but there’s a hollowness to this remake where its heart should be.  A big part of the problem is that the new version builds to a finale that celebrates violence in a way that the original didn’t.  

The tournament battles in the ‘84 Kid were closer to sparring sessions–here they unfold as full-on gladiatorial combat, with the contestants hammering away at each other with a fury and power straight out of a Rocky sequel.  It would be one thing if the fighters were in their late teens or twenties, but these kids are all 12 and under and the sight of them kicking the crap out of each other in front of a roomful of cheering adults [including their parents!WOHA] left a bad taste in my mouth in much the same way that Hit Girl’s antics in Kick-Ass did.

But first and foremost, I am completely astounded with how much talent Jaden Smith [son of Will Smith, Seven Pounds] has in him. Acting wise, he was almost perfect. He danced, he sang and he was very good being a kung fu kid as he was able to pull off awe-inspiring moves. 

Jackie Chan was also perfect playing as the new master. Although there were less action scenes from him, he is still the funny and quirky man that will give you a laugh from time to time. 

Some might say that it somewhat borrows from the original but for me-that is how it should be work. I also liked how the story was developed although some people will feel that the film is going to be too long with a running time of 2 and a half hours. For me, it's going to be a less pleasant experience if they trimmed off some of the story elements. 

To cap things off, The Karate Kid might not be as big as the 1984 film but I feel that it is truly a worthy remake. It still encapsulates what the original film stood for while bringing the film closer to the minds of the modern audience. This movie is guaranteed to be worth a look for almost everyone.

Why you should watch it:
- the film showcased how talented Jaden Smith is and the supporting cast was splendid like him
- the story feels new while borrowing key elements from the old film
- action-packed, serious yet funny; this is definitely a complete package from start to finish
- got standing audition from Indonesian audience!WOHA

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the movie might feel quite long for some

Cheritera Di Penghujung Malam

Ketika rakyat jelata sedang lena dibuai mimpi, layan CD dan solat menyembah Ilahi-gua keluar pergi cari secawan dua kopi. Tapi yang nak diceritakan kat sini bukannya waktu nak keluar tu-nie alkisahnya bila dah nak balik.

Sesajalah kegatalan yang melampau ini pergi merewang jalan-jalan pusing buat lap-time dekat Jalan Gombak lama. Bagi yang memang selalu lalu ikut jalan ni-terutamanya di Batu 10 tu-rasanya memang semua tau ada road-block JPJ dekat situ kot-tapi bagi sesiapa yang tetiba menggedik nak ikut jalan ni tak kira lah waktu malam hatta jam 4 pagi sekalipun-hendaklah beringat jangan lupa pakai helmet dan bawa lesen. Terkojut den tetiba lalu pagi tu-ada lah beberapa hamba Tuhan JPJ ni sedang melepak dekat situ.

Nak dijadikan cerita-daripada kejauhan nampaklah seorang makcik berbaju kurung ke kebaya merah tengah jalan-jalan dekat batu 8 - area kubur depan rumah Ibrahim. Gua perlahankan kereta, kiri ke tepi-berhenti tanya makcik tu nak pergi mana. Dah dia cakap nak pergi UIA-dan kebetulan memang jalan nak balik rumah pun ikut situ juga-makanya,hangkut sajalah makcik tu gua hantarkan sampai UIA.

Waktu tu jam lebih kurang 450 pagi-gua tanyalah makcik tue-nak pegi mana-dia kata UIA-nak pegi kerja-dan kerja dia mula jam 7 pagi-kagom lah sungguh saya yang memandu ni-aku kalau nak pergi sekolah pun tunggu minit-minit terakhir-makcik ni-belum pukul 5 lagi dah mula berjalan nak pergi kerja.
p/s:untuk satu-satu soalan-gua tanya rasanya mau sampai 3 4 kali kut-pekat bebenow minang dia! konpius hapo kobondolah yang makcik tu cakap

Lepas tu bawaklah kereta tu-lalu depan SBPI, Kuaters Guru, tempat accident yang tak sampai 24 jam lagi, sampailah nak dekat traffic light depan International School tu-gua cakap dekat makcik ni-yang gua hantar sampai simpang nak masuk UIA tu jerk-dia boleh demand-nak suruh hantar sampai dalam juga-dia buat alasan takut dengan pak guard tue-ok lah-dah lepas pak guard-gua cakap sampai bulatan tu je lah-dia suruh hantar sampai bas stop pula

Lepas satu-satu bas stop gua lepas-dia kata bas stop no 7-mana lah aku taw mana satu bas stop no 7 tu-dah lah minang dia pekat gila nak mati! Gua dalam tu dah beristigfar-mengucap-baca ayat kerusi dah-risau seyh makcik nih-sekali kali gua pandang makcik tue-risau lah jugak; kut-kut lah dia buat lawak horor tak berwajah ke ape-mati aku! Gua terus baca ayat kursi-berulang-ulang kali-dada toksah cakaplah-rasa cam nak pecah meletup pun ada juga-dengan muka yang tak berapa nak macam rupa makcik-gelap-gigi emas-dibuatnya gua dirampok-tak ke naya-cuak syia'! *lupa pula nak buka IKIM*

Lepas satu-satu gua lepas fakulti dalam UIAM tue nak turunkan makcik ni  yang tak tau lah dekat mana dia kerja. Gapo dio kechek ghoyak ko ambo pon-masuk telinga kiri keluar tinge kanne jah. Dalam hati Tuhan saja yang tahu. Gua dah siap fikir; agak-agaklah pak guard tadi tu nampak tak makcik ni?? Cuak sey! Dah nak dekat stadium ke apa-dia kate berhenti kiri-gua berhenti lah-pastu dia kata-depan sikit lagi-pastu gua berhenti lagi-dia kata depan lagi-gila makcik ni-dekat mana dia nak stop ni?? Pastu dia kata-berhenti  bawah lampu besar-houh,harap-harap kali ni betul lah- pastu gua stop betul-betul bawah lampu besar tu- alhamdulillah,turunlah makcik nie.

Tetiba dia tanya ongkos berape-ongkos hah sekali berhenti kow!-ape pekat sangat ke rupa hendon kat muka aku ni? Huh,toksahlah makcik-saye kalau boleh nak cepat-cepat chiow ney! Takuuut!! Lepas turunkan dia-terus gua pecut larikk. Hurm, kalau makcik tue awal-awal lagi cakap kona masuk kanan lepas bulatan tu kan senang! Sekejap je sampai balik ke bulatan tu- daripada tempat berhentikan makcik tadi tu. Pendek kata-aku dah pusing satu UIAM tu dengan penuh kehebatan-kesemangatan-kesukanan-kecuakannyalah malam tu!

Kesimpulannya lepas ni-tak kisahlah ko patah kaki ke apa-gua dah tak mahu tumpangkan orang asing dah! Takut seyyyh. Alhamdulillah lah diriku masih mampu bernyawa lagi hari ini, masih sempat panjatkan Taubat padaNya, still boleh tengok  abah mama senyum, ikan paus terdampar atas darat dan boleh cerita benda ni dekat korang! *tibe* Hahaha
SRi:Mungkin makcik tu ada cakap masuk kanan kut lepas bulatan tu-tapi sebab ade masalah pemahaman kosa kata di situ-tidaklah dimengerti oleh saya yang inesen ini.hahaha

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Less Sex in the City 2

If you haven't heard of Sex and the City then you must have been living in a rock for the past decade or so. It was and still is one of the most beloved shows to ever come out of the boob tube - scandals and all. In 2008, the Sex and the City saga continued four years after the television series ended. Missing pieces from the series were finally revealed and the biggest questions answered. Now in 2010, the saga continues once more with Sex and the City 2. The girls have new challenges to face in connection with marriage, motherhood and more.

The girls of Sex and the City are back. We see their lives two years after the events of the first film. Miranda [Cynthia Nixon] has finally moved on from her husband's infidelity but she is now struggling to live a balanced life for her family with a dream job that has turned into a nightmare. Charlotte [Kristin Davis] on the other hand is having a hard time dealing with her two young daughters. Worse, she is afraid that her husband might cheat on her with their hired bra-less-nanny. Samantha [Kim Cattrall] is still the same Samantha but she is trying to slow down the aging process with various vitamins and hormone creams. Carrie [Sarah Jessica Parker] is also having a hard time with her marriage. Mr. Big [Chris Noth] is more interested in staying at home and sitting at the couch to watch television than going out. Things change when Samantha gets a big break and gets a free trip to Abu Dhabi. She gets the others to join her for a week long trip. Can they finally fix their troubles in a foreign country?
Sex and the City 2 still uses the same successful formula it has used for years. Playing it safe may alienate non-fans but it will definitely astound the huge following it has accumulated throughout the years. Beyond that, Sex and the City 2 is not only about flash, sex and glamour - it brings a lot, lot more into the table. 

What I liked about Sex and the City 2 is that it has learned to move on from the series. I guess this comes with the first film already tying up the loose knots from the series. Now, the second film develops story lines that make more sense and more down-to-earth. We really liked how it tackles the whole concept of marriage as a whole from having children, opting not to have children and how to balance family life with work.

There were moments that still seem to be a bit unnecessary but what can you expect from a Sex and the City film? It has its unique narrative style which you won't find in any other movie. These scenes did prolong the movie by a lot so this can tick some people off. As for the comedic part, the film truly succeeds. The lines are witty and people will love Samantha's antics and quips as usual. The whole cinema was laughing in unison! Of course, we cannot just ignore the girl's fabulous outfits! Seeing the clothes may even be worth your time already. 

Overall, the second film is lighter than the first and brings more substance into the series. Fans should watch this but those who have never seen the show might want to be on the cautious side. 

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Jen Kornfeldt (Katherine Heigl) recently experienced a bad break up, so she reluctantly agrees to go on a vacation with her mother (Catherine O’Hara) and father (Tom Selleck) to the city of Nice, France in the French Riviera. At the hotel, she meets the shirtless Spencer Aimes (Ashton Kutcher) in an elevator and flirts with him. Little does she know that he’s working as an assassin for the CIA. 

Three years later, they’re happily married and living in a nice suburban home in a quiet neighborhood. Complications arise when Spencer’s boss contacts him for a new mission and, soon enough, Jen tags along with him as they both try to stay alive.  

Killers arrives after two other romantic comedies with action, namely, The Bounty Hunter and the far more entertaining Date Night, but comes closer to the inanity and dullness of the former, especially given that there’s virtually zero chemistry between Jen and Spencer to begin with. She seems attracted to him on a purely physical level from the get-go and barely got to know him in Nice, so why would she suddenly trust him so easily and even get married to him after just coming from a bad break-up? 

Co-writers T.M. Griffin and Brad DeRosa throw plausibility right out the window and aim for dark comedy, but they’re aim is way off when it comes to providing laughs. How many times do you really have to watch Mrs. Kornfeldt sipping alcoholic beverages during the daytime? The few plot twists add even more to the film’s implausibility and lead to unintentional laughter because of how everything progresses in such a rushed and oversimplified manner that will eventually leave you feeling frustrated. 

Director Robert Luketic, who’s also responsible for such dreadful romcoms as The Ugly Truth and Monster-in-Law as well as wittier and funnier comedies like Legally Blonde, at least moves the film along at a brisk pace and includes slick cinematography so that you’re not completely bored. For a far superior blend of action, comedy and romance, please do yourself a favor and check out the hilarious and intelligent classic True Lies

At a running time of 1 hour and 40 minutes, Killers is banal, asinine and frustratingly preposterous while lacking chemistry, laughs or even a modicum of cleverness.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Pok Abu G Make Gulai

Cuti sekolah memang teramat sinonim sangatlah dengan kenduri kendara ni. Semua rumah pakat nak buat walimatururus bila tiba cuti sekolah. Selain sang pasangan pengantin, rasa-rasanya student pun adalah hamba Allah, manusia paling bahagia lah kot-sebab semua boleh makan Free sepuas-puas hati time ni.

SRi bukanlah orang yang suka sangat nak pergi kenduri nih. Terutamanya kalau kenduri yang diluar lingkungan Batu 11, Gombak-sebab kalau kenduri dekat situ-banyak geng-geng kepala yang weng-weng incharge-jaga makan, microphone segala. Nak duduk daripada pagi sampai ke petang pun tak kisah-sebab ramia kawan-kawan yang kenal dan ada Tuan Haji (orang yang paling gila mic-daripada Masjid sampai lah ke rumah orang) yang memang pandai hibur gamatkan suasana mana-mana majlis ni

Kami paling suka bahagian teka-teka lagu yang dorang pasang@karaoke kan. Dan sudah semestinyalah yang paling banyak boleh teka tajuk dia-tak Aiman, Cik Adilah laa-sebab dorang ni memang kaki kenduri orang kawen orangnya! Gilaks ini orang-terutamanya Aiman lah-mm,no komen-lagu pelik-pelik yang pasang kat Sinar yang Abah tak tahu pun dia boleh tibai nyanyi sama. Gene keturunan celah mana yang dia dapat pun kami tak tahu. Hebat betul ini budaks.

Bila dah berumahtangga-kita selalu dengar-yang kita bukan saja hidup dengan pasangan kita-tapi kita dah kahwin hangkot dengan satu keluarga besar dia sekali. Terutamanya hati dan perasaan ibu mertua kenalah kita prihatin beri perhatian sikit.

Bukan wang ringgit yang dorang nak harapkan sangat-tapi cara kita layan, hormati dorang tu yang harus dititik beratkan. Bukanlah nak sampai kita sembah sujud di kaki-tapi sekurang-kurangnya bila dah dorang datang bertandang di rumah-hulur-hulurkanlah air secawan dua-kuih dua tiga butir-bukan buat dunno saja. Kalau tak reti masak pun-janganlah kita pergi hantar rumah ipar pula gi suruh makan pula. Tak kena tu! Ajaklah pergi makan dekat luar atau bawa jejalan mana-mana. Barulah mereka rasa dihargaiwujud dalam kehidupan keluarga ni.

Bukan hendak buka pekung di dada-tapi situasi ni memang betul-betul berlaku dalam keluarga SRi sendiri-dan perkara ni sampai hari ni masih hangat diperbincangkan lagi. Mungkin kita cuma nampak kecil-tapi hati perempuan apa boleh nak di kata-sensitifnya petala kelapan Tuhan saja tahu tinggi rendahnya!

Abah pun selalu pesan-jika nak berumah tangga nanti-janganlah cari yang jenis pendiam-hidup dalam dunia sendiri jah. Cari yang gila-gila sikit, sebab keluarga kita ni semuanya gila-ada yang bajet dia anak cina-suara sengau sentiasa-ada yang bajet dia memang orang Kelatte.Tak kurang juga yang sorang tu yang gaya hidup pemikiran ngalahkan orang zaman 60an. Abah tu pun rasanya cam bekas ketua gangster gak. Terkadang bahasa yang dia lemparkan-cam sangat dahsat plaks. Hurm, tak tahulah.. Masa akan menentukan segalanya.

Owh ya; sebut tentang Kelate-salah sorang hamba tuhan dalam family ni duk gila melayan kartun dikir ni pulak da. Apakah semua kepelikan yang berlaku ni memang norma dalam keluarga yang dah nak capai Middle Age Family nye stage? Tapi still, I Looooooooooooooooooiiiike This!! Lagi pelik, lagilah menarik. WOHA~

Papehal pun-layan klip video kat bawah ni-bagi yang perasan SRi pernah buat status fb-G Umoh Pok Abu Make Kenduri-dan videoo ni adalah sedikit kaitan dengan status yang satu itu.

SRi:Minta maaflah ye kepada kekawan yang ajak jemput g kenduri kawen mereka especially yang majlisnya hujung minggu ni-tak dapek den nak datang-dah kena balik bandun suddaa saye malam esok nih. Semoga senantiasa berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat lah yea.


Raajneeti is a story about Indian politics. About Indian democracy. About Indian elections. Above all, it is the story of a few people who control the destiny of millions. It is the story of their unstoppable ambition, and their bitter and violent battle to achieve it. This is the story of people who understand power - and know how to wield it at will. Raajneeti is about politics. And beyond.

Director/co-writer Prakash Jha combines political intrigue, action, suspense, romance and drama all in one giant epic that chronicles the saga of the highly volatile and corrupt Pratap party. The main problem here, though, is that the dialogue comes across as very stilted while many scenes veer into melodrama that you’d expect to find in a soap opera. Expect plenty of twists, murders, deceptions, a car chase and even a rigging of votes via remote control. 

Samar (Ranbir Kapoor) helps to ground the film in a strong performance, but everyone around him is pretty much mediocre at best---especially Sarah (Sarah Jean Thompson) who gives such a wooden (betul ke perkataan ni;bad english-hahaha) performance that you’ll find yourself cringing whenever she speaks.

A taut, cynical portrait of India's current political landscape, Raajneeti plucks scenarios and characters right out of the The Godfather films; in both the physical look and narrative-trajectory, Samar is basically a Xerox of Al Pacino's pensive, quietly brutal Michael Corleone. Surprisingly, the film is sans musical numbers. Well, except one: an awkwardly inserted sing-and-dance club scene celebrating the soon-to-be-interrupted union between Samar and the girl who crushes on him, Indu (Katrina Kaif). 

At its best, this epic exposes the debacle that is India's democratic system: The two opposing party sides use sometimes violent, questionable policies to dethrone the other's fervid ambitions, and one unforgettable moment finds Samar's brother, Prithviraj (Arjun Rampal), maniacally bombarding the head of police with several armed guards, taunting him as he leaps into his lap in crazed fashion.

At an excessive running time of 2 hour and 47 minutes, Raajneeti (which translates as "Politics") is a contrived, overlong, convoluted and emotionally hollow political thriller that’s high on production values and style, but low on substance, palpable suspense and poignancy.

Romantika Di Tampoi

Jangan kamu 
mula ketawa 
walaupun geli 
lihatkan saja
memang tidak
dapat dilupa
pada cerita
Taman Bahagia

Macam-macam gila
terjadi sini sana
membuat kita ketawa
seribu satu cerita
bila jadi kaya semuanya nak dirasa
macam dunia yang dia yang punya
enjoy disini sana

Taman bahagia di Tampoi
membuat kita enjoy(mak oi)
Taman bahagia di Tampoi
memang untuk orang tak betul
Taman bahagia di Tampoi
kena jaga betul-betul
jangan sampai kau yang biol 
nanti kau yang benjol

Gila orang muda
asyik leka bercinta
bila makwenya tak suka
panyakit angau pun tiba
gila nombor kuda
asyik-asyik nak teka
tapi tak pernah dia kena
habis semua harta
Taman bahagia di Tampoi
membuat kita enjoy
Taman bahagia di tampoi
memang untuk org tak betul
taman bahagia di Tampoi
kena jaga betul-betul
jangan sampai kau yang biol 
nanti kau yang benjol
SRi:Tetiba rasa cam dah gila~ahaks

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Kick ASS

An adorable moppet in a makeshift crimefighter's costume, "Hit Girl" [11-year-old Chloë Grace Moretz], flips like an Olympic superhero, curses like a sailor, kills like a maniac and ignites yet another useful if irresolvable debate on the limits of screen violence, the desensitization of the culture and the wisdom of exploiting children for entertainment. Yet there's no doubt about it: Hit Girl is a kick, and Moretz is an instant child star. Adapted from the self-conscious comic-book series by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. about "normal" people who long to be Marvel-ous.

The premise seems innocent enough:  A high school dork is sick of getting mugged, so he decides to order a costume, do some pushups, watch a martial arts training video online, and take to the streets to start superheroing.  He gets his butt kicked pretty good by some common streets thugs, but he holds his own against a mugger, and has the good fortune of becoming a youtube sensation. Kick-Ass is born! WOHA~

During the Kick-Ass storyline, the script does little to distinguish itself from other superhero stories as triumph, failure and redemption all occur on cue. There’s no sense of daring here and Dave comparing his awkward feats of heroism to the amazing feats he reads about in comic books is what passes for parody.

However, the film comes alive when chronicling the adventures of Big Daddy and Hit Girl, a father-daughter crime-fighting duo whose exploits Kick-Ass has accidentally stumbled into. Inspired by Batman and Robin, these two light up the screen with blood-soaked exploits laced with sardonic commentary that jumpstarts the story. 

Channeling Adam West, Cage gives an ironic, poignant and entertaining performance as a man whose obsession consumes not only him but his family as well. Moretz is equally engaging, sweet as pie then hard as nails when she puts the bad guys in their place. To be sure, her character will be offensive to some as she dispatches the villains with bloody precision while her taunting quips would make a sailor blush. However, Moretz elicits enough sympathy when she’s out of costume that we come to look at her in a sympathetic light, recognizing that she’s an innocent who’s been molded by her father’s vengeful behavior.

Cage and Moretz provide an energy the rest of the movie sorely lacks. Had the focus been on their characters, Kick-Ass would have been truly special. However, Vaughn winds up too enamored with the genre to truly put it through its paces. In the end, the film is so busy unsuccessfully trying to parody other films that it winds up having no identity of its own.

1/2 Wanted
0 Star Wars Kid
1/2 Kick-Ass

Friday, 4 June 2010

Lagenda Budak Setan II

Tips bagi cerita yang diadaptasi daripada novel atau buku - JANGAN sesekali pergi baca novel tu sebelum Anda menonton filemnya. Tapi kalau dah terlanjur nak buat macamana kan? Nasi dah jadi bubur lah jawabnya.

Bagi yang ingin mengetahui jalan ceritanya-sila baca post sebelum ini. Tapi jangan bandingkannya dengan jalan cerita asalnya terutamanya bila korang tengah layan filem tu. Jika Anda masih ingat, pasti banyak yang bercanggah. Kemudian korang berharap yang filem pertama ni - cuma dibuat untuk buku pertama sahaja - bukannya sampai perabih semua 1018 mukasurat novel tu dalam masa kurang 2 jam.

Permulaan cerita dimulakan di Notingham Universiti aka Kolej Mutiara yang dulu SRi bayangkan dekat MRSM Mahsuri yang memang lawa nak mati tu! Peristiwa pertemuan mereka terciptakan dengan insiden "coca cicak". Mungkin sebab filem ni dah mula dengan cerita zaman IPT bukan sekolah-makanya dah jadi sangat kureng lah kot kalau nak dibuat ikut susur galur idea asal Ahadiat - yang mereka bertemu sebab insiden Kasyah "permainkan" Ayu kate takde duit kecik waktu Ayu datang kelas dia bawa tabung derma tu.

Sapi-teman baik Kasyah yang memang susah gila nak mati - mencuri untuk menghidupi kehidupan dia bersama adik-adiknya pun tidak didiskusi dalam filem ini. Jadi jika Anda berharapkan jalan cerita yang lebih tenang tak melompat - buta tuli ikut novelnya - lupa kan saja lah. Baca novel pun dah bermalam-berbulan bulan-inikan pula tetiba ko nak perabihkan dalam 2 jam. Harapan sajalah.
Bagi yang baca buku ini 10 tahun dulu - rasanya takda masalah sangat sebab ramai dah  mula lupa-lupa. Tapi bagi yang pernah berharap untuk jadi Kasyah [like me], hafal setiap inci sudut novel tu dan manusia yang baru je baca baru-baru ni- takziah lah SRi ucapkan dekat korang - nasiblah kalau korang rasa cerita ni tak ikut imaginasi korang sangat - sebab fokus utama filem ni memang bertumpu utamakan kepada kisah cinta antara Kasyah dan Ayu - kehidupan lain di antara mereka sangat sedikit diketengahkan. 
p/s:Lagenda Budak Setan disambung dengan Katerina dan Lagenda Kasyah Berakhir

Jika Anda bertanyakan - sesuaikah gandingan Farid Kamil dan Lisa Surihani bagi menghidupi wajah Kasyah dan Ayu - rasanya memang takda lagi kut pasangan yang lebih serasi atau sweet- tapi.... Perlu sangat ke Si Farid tu dendan rambut sedemikian rupa? Urg! Cukuplah Fasha Sanda buat rambut cenggitue. Hadoihlaa, merosakkan imej Kasyah betul! Lakonan Lisa takdelah nak tepuk sangat - lagi suka tengok dia dalam I'm Not Single.

Tapi serius memang tak puas tengok Ayu versi Lisa-sekejap sangat kut-semuanya, gara-gara cerita ni tak sabar-sabar nak habis cepat. Tapi terkadang bersyukur juga-sebab tetiba rasa cam sangat meluat pula tengok dia berlakon kali ni-cam tak berapa nak menjiwai. Lemah sangat mutunya. Tak tahulah kenapa banyak pula review surat khabar hari ni puji gandingan pelakon sangat hebat - maybe sebab risau kena saman kut nanti - sebabkan filemni jadi tak laris - Nasibkaulahlabuuu..

Skrip-hurm, macam cerita Ketika Cinta Bertasbih. I prefer expression with soundtract than when they are bercengkeramaberkata-kata. Gelly khalleey.. Mungkin disebabkan kelemahan daripada segi jalan cerita yang ditampilkan-sehingga tidak menimbulkan mood ingin bercinta dalam diri penonton-sebabkan SRi tak rasa apa-apa bahkan meluat bila tengok saling berdialoging. Tapi serius rasanya jauh lebih bagus mereka ambil saja buta-buta dialog daripada novel daripada buat sendiri ayatnya. Jadi serba tak kena pula.

Salah satu dialog yang sangat mengganggu otakni waktu layan cerita tue-waktu Kasyah nak minta kerja dekat syarikat Emilia [Ayu selepas pembedahan plastik lakonan Shiqin Kamal]- Owh, Kasyah yang awak selalu ceritakan itu ya? [tanya Emilia kepada Suzana] Sedangkan waktu tu- Kasyah bukannya ada dalam bilik tu pun - dan Suzana bukannya tak tahu yang Emilia tu Ayu- makanya,tak perlulah kut dialog nak berbasabasi bajet tak kenal Kasyah tu sape kut. Haih, mengucap panjang SRi dalam wayang tu semalam. Orang sebelah pun tumpang istigfar juga.

Soundtract? Pertama kali mendengarnya-layan lah juga-erti kalimatnya susun atur liriknya takdalah sampah mana - tapi kalau dah sebijik tu saja dari mula sampai akhir-beza dia laki atau perempuan jek yang nyanyi-menyampah lah juga kut.
p/s:nie yang tetiba rasa cam nak gi tengok Rajneeti nih-kut kut boleh berjoget dalam CapSquare tue

SRi kecewa sangat gerak persembahan kamera yang kerap menggunakan 'tight shot' nak bagi jelaskan ekspresi wajah watak. Sumpah gila cacat. Beberapa aksi dan gerak wajah pelakon pun jadi terbatas sebab eksperimen yang cuba dilakukan tu - sebab kamera duk hanya sibuk merakam satu-satu watak terlalu dekat. Macam Iron Man 2 - ramai juga yang komen komplen tak suka kamera terlampau fokus sangat - untuk waktu yang lama-sekejap sekejap takpe lah. Lagi satu- duk suka sangatlah bergerak kiri kanan atas bawah kamera tu - macam takda stand pula.

Kehadiran muka-muka baru bagi SRi tidaklah terlampau menguatkan jalan cerita. Watak yang paling sesuai secara fizikalnya-rasanya Kate-cuma mungkin Katerina mungkin lebih tinggi daripada Fazura- mm,Maya Karin cambest juga - dan kedua sesuai, Farid Kamil [without rambut tocang-tocang]-sebab rambut Ahadiat Akashah [yang mungkin watak sebenar Kasyah dalam Budak Setan] pun panjang dan lurus. Lisa kurang sikit-sebab Ayu dalam novel lebih menyerupai Shiqin Kamil atau Raja Farah-kecil, rambut panjang lurus mengurai-tapi gambaran Lisa rasanya lebih tepat untuk Emilia kut dengan rambutnya yang bergelombang berombak.

Paling tak sesuai; Hisyam-sebab dalam tu seharusnya Hisyam kelihatan sangat tegap dan macho bukan seperti... Lagi sorang Sheila Mambo yang jadi Mak Leha-tak naif langsung pun pastu nampak cam sangat kaya pula-sayang pula bila memikirkan pelakon senior pun camni rupa acting dia.

Azmi lakonan Que Haidar-tak terlalu boleh dibanggakan-tapi tidak mengecewakan yang lain-sebab dia sangat-sangat menjiwai watak Azmi. But I taught Azmi is supposed to look like a Malay-Pakistan kind of guy. If my memory serves me well la. Betul tak? Mm, tetiba terfikir kalau Hans Isaac yang jadi Kasyah, smart juga eyh!

Kesimpulannya- sangat kecewa dengan apa yang ditampilkan. Lain dengan apa yang diimaginasikan. Mungkin jika Ahmad Idham apetah lagi Kabir Bathia atau pun paling musoux pun Prof Razak Mohaiden yang mengarah menggarap filem ini-hasilnya mungkin bakal jauh lebih dapat dibanggakan.

SRi:Baru tahu Lisa tak boleh sebut R..hahaha

Lagenda Budak Setan

Sinopsis Lagenda Budak Setan
Kasyah bersama rakan sekumpulannya, Sapi, Man dan Cin Cai merupakan pelajar nakal yang sering membuat onar dan terkenal kerana sering dikenakan tindakan disiplin. Mereka juga melabelkan kumpulan mereka sebagai anti perempuan. Namun, sikap dan kenakalan Kasyah berubah dengan kemunculan pelajar baru, Ayu. Ayu telah benar – benar menambat hati dan perasaan Kasyah, membuat dia jatuh cinta. Ayu mencabar Kasyah untuk berubah dan sebagai syarat untuk dia menerima Kasyah. Episod baru hidup Kasyah pun bermula.
Tiba masanya Kasyah perlu melakukan tugasan kajian tesisnya ke pedalaman. Kasyah berpisah sementara dengan Ayu. Azmi yang pernah mengecewakan Ayu, kini muncul kembali menagih cinta dari Ayu. Azmi hampa bilamana Ayu menolak permintaannya itu. Melalui ibu Ayu, Mak Leha, Azmi merencanakan sesuatu untuk membolehkannya bernikah dengan Ayu. Melalui perancangan Azmi, Mak Leha berpura sakit jantung dan tidak boleh kerisauan. Ayu yang serba salah terpaksa menerima Azmi dalam hidupnya, kerana bimbangkan keadaan ibunya. Ayu berkahwin dengan Azmi. Kasyah kecewa. Kebahagian yang diharapkan tidak menjelma.
Azmi kembali kepada tabiat lamanya yang pemabuk, panas baran, kaki perempuan dan sering membelasah Ayu. Suatu malam, mereka berdua bergaduh besar. Ayu yang dipukul bertindak melarikan diri dengan kereta. Ketika memandu dalam keadaan trauma dan emosi, Ayu hilang kawalan lalu kemalangan. Ayu cedera parah. Mukanya hancur. Azmi menuntut maaf tapi Ayu sebaliknya menuntu cerai dan minta wajah yang baru. Episod baru hidup Ayu pun bermula. Ayu yang kini berwajah baru tampil sebagai Emilia. Ayu ingin memulakan hidup baru dan melupakan episod dukanya.
Ayu / Emilia, menubuhkan syarikat melalui wang simpanan dan pampas an dari Azmi. Melalui kawannya, Suzana, Kasyah dijejaki dan dipelawa untuk bekerja dengan syarikat Emilia. Kasyah yang pada mulanya tidak menyangka apa–apa, mula mengesyaki sesuatu setelah baru bekerja. Melalui Suzana juga Kasyah mengetahui segalanya tentang Ayu / Emilia. Hubungan mereka kembali bertaut. Azmi yang sakit hati cuba mengagalkan hubungan itu kembali. Azmi sekali lagi meminta bantuan Mak Leha untuk memujuk Ayu / Emilia.
Semasa di rumah Emilia, Azmi telah memukul Emilia dihadapan Mak Leha sehingga milia terjatuh dan tidak sedarkan diri. Emilia cedera parah di kepala dan hilang ingatan. Berbagai cara dilakukan oleh Kasyah dan Mak Leha untuk memulihakn ingatan namun belum berhasil. Emilia yang senakin pulih, akhirnya mengahwini Kasyah. Kebahagian yang diharapkan Kasyah tidak kekal lama. Ayu / Emilia meninggal dunia ketika melahirkan anak.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Lima@Stesen Bangsar

Minit Pertama
Humangaih! Banyaknya manusia beratur. Mungkin sebab semua baru pakat habis kerja. Tren pun dah sampai - tapi sebab dua gerabak - tak berapa nak berselera pulak aku. Makanya, berpatah baliklah aku menuju kedai berdekatan membeli air - dahaga gila kot. Sepetangan tak hirup cecair dingin nikmat Tuhan ni!

Minit Kedua
Jalan menuju kaunter- Alhamdulillah - sohabat yang seorang itu dah pun selamat tolong belikan tiket untuk aku sekali. Selamat lenguh kaki - tak payah nak beratur lagi. Duit pun jimat sekali - sebab dia yang beli! WOHA

Minit Ketiga
Tren dua gerabak tadi masih di situ. Tiba-tiba, pintu tren dia buka. Rupa-rupanya nak dijadikan cerita - dari minit pertama  tadi - sampailah sekarang ni - orang yang duduk dalam tu - yang nak keluar - semua dah panas punggung tunggu pintu tren nak buka - nak keluar turun. Tak sempat penumpang nak masuk - tiba-tiba pintu tutup pula. Pastu terus jalan.. s i k i t.. Kembali seperti di poin A dan B - dia duduk situ tak bergerak lagi. Tiba-tiba, pintu buka balik - tapi sekejap gila nak mati - 3 saat ja kut. Terlepaslah sorang dua masuk - dia tutup balik. Gila scary menatangni aku tengok hari ni. Main-main pulak - siap dah ada yang terkepit aku tengok tadi! Nasib baik briefcase uncle tu hebat dan kuat seperti remau, kalau tak...

Minit Keempat
Tren yang dinanti - empat gerabak - datanglah tiba. Tapi dia tak langsung berhenti depan kami. Dia tunggu sebentar dekat selekohan terakhir melihat kami dari jauh  [pakcik yang semangat duduk dekat depan sekali]. 20 saat kemudian - tren satu lagi beratur di belakang lagi. Rasa kagum pula dengan sistem Putra ni! Kalau dulu, manusia je yang kena beratur, sekarang ni - tren pun ikut kena belajar etika beratur sekali. Silap-silap ada lagi bercanak tren duk beratur kat belakang lagi - tapi sebab yang nak boleh nampak 2 ja - makanya, tak tahulah ada ke tak tren yang ketiga belakang duk beratur nak ambil penumpang lagi.

Minit Kelima
Tet toot. Tet toot. Pintu tutup. Rasa cam sangat selesa pula gerabak tren ni. Dah la bersih - banyak ruang melepak melenggok-lenggok kaki - putih lagi - aircond dia pun sejuk wey! Makanya, bagi yang berhajat nak balik naik Putra lepasni - terutamanya waktu sibuk macamni - lebih baik tunggu sajalah tren 4 gerabakni. Takdalah terkepit sangat cam dalam tin sardin nanti!
SRi:Suka sangat tengok grafitti dekat dinding Sungai Gombak tu!Agak-agak bebudaktu berbayar ke hah? Cam sangat t'organized je.

Letters to Juliet

Why do I love thee, Juliet? Let me count the ways: there are no decapitations, no car crashes, no gun fights, no pratfalls, no terminal diseases, no talking animals and no aliens – just one beautiful love story, two captivating romances and oodles of picturesque Northern Italian scenery.

Letters To Juliet is the most unabashedly romantic movie of the year, and maybe the past few years. It is a story aimed straight at the heart and is not ashamed at all to be so romantic. An almost perfect cast tells this story of a woman looking for a past love and influencing a present one.

Letters to Juliet
Parts of Letters to Juliet work. Tracking down Lorenzo is fun. Amanda Seyfried [Dear John] plays Sophie. She is a likable and natural young actress with a bright future. Her chemistry with co-star and acting legend Vanessa Redgrave is wonderful. 

The lives of the two women intertwine. Clair let the love of her life go, and Sophie — who falls in love with the grandson — is about to make a similar mistake. This is where Letters to Juliet takes a wrong turn. Christopher Egan’s Charlie is a stretch, and there is little chemistry between he and Seyfried.
Their story just isn’t that interesting, and it is so predictable. 

Gael Garcia Bernal — who plays Sophie’s self-absorbed fiance — gives the film’s best performance. His completely shallow character is also the film’s deepest. At least you really get to know him. Everyone else is seen on the surface. But that’s not a surprise. This is a straight-ahead chick flick and they rarely offer surprises. If you’ve seen the trailer, so you’ve seen the movie. Hihi

Letters to Juliet is love Italian style in cliche chunks. However, even with a third act that is way too long, for what it is, Letters to Juliet works. And what makes the movie an acceptable time killer is the appeal of the players and the always reliably gorgeous scenery.


Chloe is the latest film from Canadian auteur Atom Egoyan, who, after taking a sojourn into more political fare such as his recent Adoration, returns to the psycho-sexual realm of his earlier films- like Exotica, and The Sweet Hereafter. Anyone who’s seen either of those films knows that Egoyan’s not one to shy away from controversy, and once again he pushes the envelope, with this standing as a frank examination of the occasionally changing sexual proclivities of a loving, mature couple. 

Also, Amanda Seyfried gets naked, but more on that later...
Enough say, this movie basically ia about a doctor [Julianne Moore] hires a young prostitute [Amanda Seyfried] to seduce her husband [Liam Neeson] - who she thinks is unfaithful.

I was especially upset at the abrupt, formulaic ending due to the fact that, up to that point, Chloe had been one of the more honest films I’ve seen about sex recently. Think about it- how often does Hollywood actually look at sex in an honest way? Nowadays, the industry seems to be more puritanical than they were around the time a film like Basic Instinct was made, so Chloe was a breath of fresh air.

Both Seyfried and Moore are outstanding actresses, and they carry the material further than it should go up to this point. Neither overplays her role, instead allowing the story  to develop patiently. Moore in particular is good as she wrestles with the pain Chloe's stories cause her and the excitement they provide.

This is not to say that Egoyan tells the story shyly. Not at all. One scene is particularly erotic, and its immediate aftermath, involving guilt and confusion, feels genuine enough, as well.

It's all downhill from there. Without giving too much away, let's say that just because you think the person you've hired for a job is finished and no longer needed, that doesn't mean she will agree. She may, in fact, have other plans entirely.

It’s really too bad that Chloe has such a contrived finale, as the ending is so lackluster and heavy-handed that it almost comes off as funny. Usually Egoyan’s a little more subtle, so the conclusion was a surprise. Still, it’s a film worth seeing, especially if you have a thing for either Moore or Seyfried. 

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Time for Shrek to stay far far away

The first “Shrek” movie debuted in 2001 and since that time there has been a new “Shrek” film every three years. The first film was a surprise hit while the second one was surprising because it was better than the first. But Shrek series certainly did begin to wear a bit thin during Shrek the Third and sadly, Shrek Forever After continues that trend. The characters that were once fresh and irreverent come off here as stale and far too familiar, as do the gags.

Ironically, the film comes to resemble its main character as Shrek [voice by Mike Myers] is dealing with a midlife crisis. Depressed over not having the freedom he once had, he leaves his home, as well as Fiona (Cameron Diaz) and their brood behind, in a tiff one day. He encounters Rumpelstiltskin [Walt Dohm] who smooth-talks him into a pact that will take Shrek back to his glory days, as long as he gives the trickster one day out of his past life. He claims the ogre’s birthday, thus ensuring he was never born and might now claim Fiona’s hand in marriage.

Needless to say, it’s not a very wonderful life and Shrek tries to make things go back to the way they were. This does set up some interesting gags, particularly with Puss in Boots [Antonio Banderas] who’s let himself go, and the always-entertaining Donkey [Eddie Murphy], whose singing is a delight. Shrek must also win back Fiona, who now is an Ogre-battling warrior, and dethrone Rumpelstiltskin, who’s in charge.

There are a lot of people who didn’t enjoy the original Shrek. As both an anachronistic spoof of Disney princess films and fairy tales in general, Shrek also told its own story. When it came time for the inevitable sequel, the plot was practically abandoned in favor of pop culture references, mostly with hit and miss success. By the third film, the first half showed a glimmer of hope before jumping plots with some “passing of the torch” idea to… Justin Timberlake? Fortunately, Forever After finally ties together the right balance of story, character, and spoof while still building on the established franchise, making it the perfect place to stop.

Truth be told, the best sequel to the original thus far is actually at Universal Studios inside the Shrek 3-D attraction. Not only does it take viewers on an incredible ride, it also revisits a character absent from the all the sequels: Lord Farquaad [John Lithgow]. One of the saddest parts of the continuing films has been the lack of a real villain, and Rumpelstiltskin’s brief back story and motivations fill the bill that been long overdue since Farquaad met his end inside a dragon’s gullet. Rumpelstiltskin’s plan isn’t just evil, its diabolical, and there are real consequences involved other than just living your life knowing what could have been or what you gave up.

Also returning are Julie Andrews as the Queen and John Cleese as King Harold (in a bit of a flashback), plus all your favorites are around as well. Of course, no Shrek installment would be complete without randomly placed synchronized group dance choreography, but a surprise henchman working under Rumpelstiltskin takes that particular detail to whole new and hilarious level. While Dreamworks Animation had a heavy hand in revolutionizing the animated film industry with the original Shrek, it’s really feels like it’s time to let the big guy actually retire happily ever after [ok~for a while, anyway] instead of beating him to death with lackluster plots to sell more.

SRi:Laksamana Upin Ipin in 3D;2012!WOHA~

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Senyum hilai tawa tak pernah lekang daripada bibir manisnya. Walau apa jua masalah, dia duduk tenang bersimpuh memohon petunjuk dari Tuhan yang Esa, Pencipta segala apa yang ada di dunia dan semesta. Setiap bait yang terpancul daripada lidahnya merupakan kata-kalimat indah puitis yang mampu melehkan jiwa yang panas membara. Cukup satu kata, yang mendengar terhipnotis seketika tak terkata apa.

Senyumnya yang menyegarkan tak berarti jiwanya tenang senantiasa. Banyak perkara yang difikirkan dalam suatu ketika. Terkadang ada saja yang tak kena di matanya, tapi dia diam pendam saja. Mencari dalam senyap kelam jalan penyelesaiannya. Dalam diam semua siap.

Temannya ramai-ke mana saja dia berjalan-ada saja yang mengenali sosok tubuh munggil itu. Keramahan membuatkan yang lain turut merasa tenang dan aman dalam pelukan hangatnya. Logika pemikirannya terkadang membuatkannya tampak lebih matang daripada usia.

Di matanya tercermin kan rindu. Di matanya adalah kenyataan. Dan aku tenggelam dalam lautan kasih sayangmu. Tak mungkin akan ku lepaskan ikatan ini.

Syukur ku kepadaNya dikurniakan Mama seperti dia. Tutur katanya yang berselirat - dalam arti maksudnya - membuatkan hati yang melihat terasa hilang beban dipundak - pabila diungkap sarikatanya. Ringkas saja kalimatnya – namun penuh dengan restu berkah kasih sayang daripada Sang Ibu – doa senantiasa dipanjat kebahagiaan perimeternya menjadi keutamaan.

Hari ini ulang tahun kelahiran Mama. Maafkan Abang tak dapat di samping Mama hari ini. Menyambut mengenang hari-hari bahagia kita bersama. Atau meraikan detik-detik akhir kita berdua. Hanya Dia yang tahu masa hayat detik kita.

Mungkin ketika ini Abang sedang bergembira bersama teman-teman, atau mungkin abang sedang terlena panjang diulit mimpi indah kiriman Tuhan - maqbulan panjatan harapan Mama. Atau mungkin dalam perjalanan yang panjang yang kelam destinasinya. Tapi hakikatnya tetap cuma satu – Abang tetap sayang cintakan Mama seperti dulu – mungkin lebih kuat lagi ikatan maksud kalimat itu daripada dulu.

Setiap kata yang terucap Mama. Setiap nada yang Mama cipta. Satu pun tak terpisah. Seribu tahun takkan mungkin bisa menghuraikan sebuah Cinta yang Mama beri. Untuk diriku yang pilu.

Terima kasih untuk semua keindahnya. Wajah yang tak pernah berartikan keputusasaaan – kekecewaan – kesedihan - tapi warna warni pelangi semata. Abang tak tahu daricelahmana datangnya semua kekuatan maha hebat itu – tapi berharap di hati kecil ini untuk memilikinya menjadi segagah Mama satu hari nanti.
SRi: Moga mendung hitam semalam cumalah semalam

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