Monday, 31 May 2010

Dayus Israel!!

1. Jika Anda pernah belajar Humanitarian Law sewaktu sekolah dulu mesti Anda tahu siapa yang boleh diserang dan siapa yang teramat sangat TAK boleh diserang.
2. Pendek kata- jika masih ingat peristiwa Perang Pembukaan Kota Mekkah - Perang terakhir Baginda SAW - itulah aturan yang diterapkan dalam Humanitarian Law - hanya cuma insan yang benar-benar menyerang konvoy ketenteraan sahaja yang boleh diperangi-yang lain-yang tidak berniat apatah lagi rakyat jelata yang tidak bermaya - jangankan darah mereka menyembah bumi-dihunuskan jelingan mata tajam amarah pun tidak diperbolehkan.
3. Israel tak pernah menghormati aturan ini. Dan yang terbaru konvoy bantuan kemanusiaan ke Gaza pula yang diserang. Kapal-kapal konvoy ini penuh bertempelkan mesej keamanan - menunjukkan yang hadir cuma rakyat biasa - membawa bantuan perubatan dan makanan. Bahkan konvoy ini telah diperiksa dengan ketat oleh sebelum berlepas menjamah laut 

p/s: Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's prime minister, says the flotilla was carefully inspected before departure:
"I want to say to the world, to the heads of state and the governments, that these boats that left from Turkey and other countries were checked in a strict way under the framework of the rules of international navigation and were only loaded with humanitarian aid."
"There was no one on board "other than civilian volunteers" he said.

4. Mereka diserang oleh komando Israel - atas laut antarabangsa 65km daripada pantai Palestin - dengan alasan mereka membawa senjata tajam dan berkaitan dengan teroris [Al-Qaeda]. Hebat sungguh benda tajam itu sampai mampu menyebabkan serangan yang menghasilkan 19 terkorban manakala 26 lagi cedera. Dan jumlah ini mungkin lebih jauh sediki daripada jumlah asalnya.
p/s:Terdapat beberapa rakyat Israel, dua ahli parlimen Israel turut serta dalam konvoy. Dan teramat sangat tak logik sangatah jika mereka-mereka ini pun dituduh termasuk dalam komplot teroris juga.

5. Adalah sangat pengecut tidak logik norma manusia-Israel yang sangat gah dengan senjata-senjata pemusnahnya - sangat terancam pisau yang dibawa mereka. Sungguh - Israel adalah satu kelompok negara bangsa yang sangat pengecut terencat akalnya.
6. Zaman Jahiliyyah pun jauh lebih bertamadun daripada mereka.
7. Semoga anak-anak tempatan-wakil media negara-yang menaiki kapal Turki-'Mavi Marmara'- dan semua serta bantuannya-selamat sahaja alhamdulillah. Dengar khabar-tentera Turki pun sudah dalam perjalanan ke sana. Apakah hanya negara yang satu ini sahaja yang berani untuk menghadapi memerangi laknatullah ni?
8.  Rasanya kita yang masih belum memboikot - banyak mengunakan produk yang sah-sah menyumbang kepada Israel - turut wajib rasa bersalah dengan apa yang terjadi hari ini.
SRi: What kind of world are we living in when it allows a rogue state to use violence and killings against unarmed people on a mission of charity. Really ruined my happy day!*urgh!!!!*


At the movies, those hungry for the quantity side of that equation should consider seeing Kites, a film that can honestly bill itself as having absolutely everything: Romance, fantastic action, singing, dancing, vengeance, car chases, intrigue, betrayal, poverty, fabulous wealth, destiny, immigration and bank robbery. And dance contests. And bikers. And subtitles. There’s so much going on in Kites that one lifetime isn’t nearly enough to cover it — the movie has to go into the afterlife to wrap it all up.

Kites is, essentially, a love story. With exploding cars. The movie stars Hrithik Roshan as Jay, a street-wise dance instructor living in Las Vegas. Jay narrates his own story at the start, talking about how he gambled and lost at many things in life. Then one of his dance students falls in love with him. Gina [Kangana Ranaut] is a beautiful young woman and obsessed with Jay. At first, he’s not interested, but the discovery that Gina is fabulously rich gets Jay’s attention. He begins a calculated courtship.

Jay and Natasha are star-crossed lovers, torn between their passion for each other and the marriages that will bring them the wealth they desire. Sorting it all out takes a very long time, some near-death experiences, a police chase, hot air balloons and singing and dancing in the pouring rain.

You can only sit there in the dark and marvel at the thing.

Kites has pockets of lovely comedy and deep troughs of lugubrious tragedy and a lot of dialogue like this: “Tony has power and money, but we have love!!!”

And it’s all presented in visually extravagant and emotionally operatic style. That’s typical of the hyperbolic Bollywood approach, which in many respects mimics the attitude of silent movies from a century ago rather than contemporary western cinematic practice. Audiences not habituated to it are likely to find “Kites” a weird fusion of romantic excess, overwrought violence and crudely-staged action, all played to the rafters, filmed in garish colors and accompanied by a bombastic background score. [The “tragic” ending goes so completely off the rails that it’s positively risible.]

The movie does, to be sure, showcase two photogenic stars in Roshan and Mori, but neither emerges very positively, not only because their physical attractiveness doesn’t entirely compensate for the greedy, grasping characters they’re playing, but because they overemote so strenuously. Still, the supporting cast go even further overboard, with the first prize for scenery-chewing undoubtedly going to Brown, who offers a combination of sleaziness and overripe menace that must be seen to be disbelieved.

As a conclusion, now, you reimagine all these doomed romantics on the same plate, add a dollop of Showgirls, a side of Dirty Dancing, a Scarface chaser and many, many, many Dukes of Hazzard car chases, and you have Kites, a Bollywood musical/gangster/melodrama romance in Hindi, Spanish and English.

Preposterous? Oh, yeah. Preposterously entertaining? You bet cha!daaa~

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

I know I was at the movie... Was I kidnapped by aliens who left me with one of Fox Mulder’s missing-time blanks in my head? That would be kinda cool. That must be why I can’t remember a damn thing about whatever movie it was. But wait... I have the ticket stub. Ah, yes! It was Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

I saw Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time? Why can’t I remember anything about it?


Something’s coming back... Oh, yeah: Jake Gyllenhaal. He’s cute. He’s really cute. [ gay] But how could he be a Persian prince? That’s just silly. And why did he -- yes, yes, this I remember -- why did he have an English accent? He’s not English. Ancient Persians didn’t speak English. Jake’s accent is surprisingly good, in fact. Could I have been so blinded by Jake’s supercuteness and the fact that his accent actually pushed my Anglophile button -- instead of making me groan in sympathetic embarrassment for him -- which I blanked on the rest of the movie?

No, that can’t be. He’s not that cute.

Wait: I took notes...

Oh, right! Now I’m remembering. Not that there’s much to remember. Generic Videogame Action Movie, Exotic Ethnic Locale Type. It’s about a dagger, sand, time, brothers, snakes, blah, blah, blah. And the characters are merely archetypes: Prince, Princess, King, Brothers, Villain, Comic Relief. Not exactly offensive, as such, just sort of rote and tired before it even gets started. Hard to write about, in fact, because there’s hardly to be there.

For a while, as I sat there being bored out of my skull, I tried to find a videogame angle to latch on to for my review: You know, “In the Valley of the Slaves level, watch out for thrown knives” and “During the Hassansin attack at the Sanctuary, don’t stop to kiss the Princess unless you want to get killed.” That got old really fast, and stopped being fun about half an hour in. [But, seriously, though: If you play the game in Banter Mode, trade quips with the Princess will build up your Parkour Power. Then try hit the B button while jumping to get extra power in your leaps.] *game review said

None of the characters ever connect with the audience. I’m tempted to say that the film is like Pirates of the Caribbean with no Jack Sparrow but that actually sounds more entertaining than this mess. So, bring a joystick to this big budget adventure. It’ll give your hands something to do when you’re restless.

Back-Up Plan - to - see another movie

J-Lo is back after a four-year screen absence. On the evidence of The Back-up Plan  she needs another sabbatical. As witty as Gigli, as Shakespearean as The Wedding Planner, this limp rom-com bumps from one piece of comic furniture to another.

When the heroine’s test-tube pregnancy collides with her belated discovery of Mr Right [Alex O’Laughlin], conflict and hilarity ensue in subatomic quantities. The worst moment is a scene of new-age underwater birth, the moviemakers eager to midwife mirth but causing it to miscarry on every count. 
Just say cheese: Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin fail to sizzle in The Back-up Plan

When a woman's waters break, she would head straight for the hospital right?! But no, J-Lo stops off at a farmer's market to play yet another interminable, tearful love scene with Stan, who's just broken up with her again. It turns out that, while they've been apart, he's named a cheese after her. It's the one sensible thing he does. Romantic comedies don't come cheesier than this. *blwek*

 Lopez's star baggage combined with her bland, inexpressive face does her no favours, while a cardboard cut-out with a tape-recorder glued to the back would've made a better fist of things than O'Loughlin.

This is his first leading-man role and, with any luck, it may be his last.

SRi:Next Station-Lagenda Budak Setan!

The Bounty Hunter

Before we begin our reviews, allow me a mini-rant. Too many movies these days have crappy dialogue, bad photography and stories that have little connection to the way real people act and talk. In addition, product placement is so up front, it can overwhelm whatever story has been cobbled together from spare parts stolen from the other cookie-cutter flicks that came before the latest “wait-for-the-video” extravaganza.

Yes, The Bounty Hunter falls smack dab into the middle of my rant. While damning with very faint praise, I will concede that it is better than Gerard Butler’s previous rom-com, last summer’s horrible The Ugly Truth
*It's becoming increasingly clear that Gerard Butler should probably stay as far away from the romcom genre as possible, as the actor has thus far shown a lamentable penchant for selecting material of an exceedingly [and disappointingly] run-of-the-mill nature.*

The Bounty Hunter is supposed to be a romantic comedy-action movie hybrid - Hepburn and Tracy in Midnight Run - but it fails all genre requirements. Aniston and Butler's bickering is tedious from the start and fuels neither romance nor comedy. And someone should tell director Andy Tennant that an action movie should contain more than a 60-second comic rooftop chase in the beginning, a 40-second car chase in the middle and a 10-second shootout at the end. The car chase is nicely edited, though, and doesn't use CGI. So for 40 seconds, The Bounty Hunter isn't that bad.

Nothing connects in "Bounty Hunter" because nothing is real. Butler is convincing enough as a bounty hunter - all he needs is the stubble and the convertible - but Aniston is dull and unbelievable as a hard-bitten reporter [the same job Mendes played in Hitch]. The script is more to blame than the actress, but Aniston's personality is too relaxed for screwball comedy.

The location photography in Queens and Atlantic City is a highlight that adds some color, but "The Bounty Hunter" is a dull, inert lump. The premise fails to become a story, the characters fail to become people and the script stalls far more often than it runs.

SRi: Seriously NO Megan Fox on Transformers 3??Its look like Ayesha Takia without.... *urgh!!*

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Istanbul Park

Circuit information

Length: 5.338km
Race distance: 58 laps / 309.356km
Full throttle: 63%
Top speed: 315kph
Longest flat-out section: 16s / 1.2km
Right/left-hand turns: 6/8
Tyre wear: Medium/low
Brake wear: Medium
Downforce level: Medium/high
Gear changes per lap: 42
2010 tyre compounds: hard (prime, no marking), soft (option, green markings)
2009 tyre compounds: hard (prime, no marking), soft (option, green markings)
2008 tyre compounds: hard (prime, no marking), medium (option, white markings)
Average fuel use per lap: 2.658kg/lap (source: Williams)
Pit lane time loss: 18.5s

Istanbul track video lap

Istanbul Park track map

Istanbul Park diagram - 2010 Turkish Grand Prix


Sunday, 23 May 2010


Pejamkanlah matamu
sistem hidup ku yang satu
ku strummingkan melodi indah
kisah malam kau dan aku
riang, riang berterbangan.

Kau terangi suasana
kini simfoni bagai nyata
riang di udara, di udara.

Kaulah stereomonoku
penghibur hati yg pilu
kan ku hadiahkan bintang
bila tiba hari lahirmu
riang, riang berterbangan.

Kau terangi suasana
kini simfoni bagai nyata
riang di udara, di udara, di udara.

Inginku bilang
pinginku terus terang
dinginku bersilang
dinginku madah siang-siang.

Mustikah ku
mengucap setinta
bahsa rasa sayang
mustikah ku mengucap
setinta bahasa sayang
mustikah ku mengucap
rasa sayang.

Stereomonoku, stereomonoku, stereomonoku
Stereomonoku, stereomonoku, stereomonoku
dalam hari ku.


Saturday, 22 May 2010


Sekolah Rendah SRi merupakan sekolah tertua di Selangor

Di padang yang satu itulah kami main bola sepak, hoki, bola tampar, dan buat acara sukan tahunan-maen kawat keliling trek balapan

Dekat situ juga dorang pasang khemah main unggun api untuk bermalam berpandu puteri islam pengakap bulan sabit merah bagai

Kami pun pernah bergaduh di atas padang yang sama lepas kantoi dengan Cikgu Nazri

Tapi itu semua dulu. Kini padang itu sudah jadi tapak mainan buat anak-anak kecil dan buat sang mak bapak bermain menambah bilangan ahli keluarga mereka.  Sudah ada kompleks kuaters guru di atas padang itu

Rasa geli hati juga memikirkan cadangan TSM ni. Bukan cuma satu sekolah ini saja yang tak berpadang. Banyak lagi sekolah di luar sana turut mengalami perkara yang sama

Kaya mewah sangatkah kerajaan ketika ini untuk turut memperuntukkan berjuta-juta ringgit buat menghadiahkan padang baru buat mereka? Entahlah labuuu...

Sejujurnya masih banyak ruang-ruang kosong kekonfiusan bertebaran di ruang minda terutamanya kepunyaan mak bapak tentang pelaksanan dasar ini. Makanya kementerian haruslah mengkaji sedalam-dalamnya terlebih dahulu sebelum mengimplimentasikannya. Kalau tak, baru setahun jagung dah banyak bantahan keluar-kemudian membazir semua kempen dan peruntukan yang dah dikeluarkan
SRi:Rasa cam nak buka tusen maen dam aji chess plaks.hihi


Dua tahun lepas Hot FM, kemudian Era FM dan kini mahkota disarung kepada underdog Sinar FM pula.

Mungkin ada yang agak terkejut dengan rating yang baharu dikeluarkan. Apetah lagi yang tak pernah terfikir nak melayan Sinar. Mana tak nya, yang diputar semuanya lagu zaman rock kapak, gelek-mana nak tahan. Gua modern babe!

Seribu SinarTapi semuanya mungkin berkat jasa gabungan mantap dj yang menceriakan pagi. Format konti Hot yang tak jauh berubah dengan zaman kegemilangannya dulu mungkin sebabnya sudah mulai berubah arah. Pemergian Din Beramboi tanpa pengganti yang mantap mungkin juga menyebabkan sang pendengar berusaha mencari selera sarapan pagi baru.

Lagu-lagu yang diputar sememangnya memainkan peranan. Senarai musik yang do corong Sinar jauh lebih mudah dilayan. Bahkan semua musik retro ini pernah menjadi siulan satu zaman dahulu. Berbeza dengan Hot FM dan Era-lagu lagu yang diputar hampir semuanya lebih kurang sahaja. Bagi bukan peminat hard core lagu-lagu seberang seperti SRi-mungkin ada jua terasa bengkerk bila lagu-lagu tue saja yang tak habis-habis diulang dari pagi tadi.

Tak dinafikan pemilihan lagu modern yang terkini merupakan kelemahan utama stesen no 1 negara ni. Linda Onn pun pernah bising bila dia kena berubah layar konti radio. Tapi kalau nak diikutkan, lagu-lagu lama jauh lebih menarik irama musik dan erti maksud lirik dia. Makanya kepada sesapa yang berminat nak menulis lirik dan mencipta lagu-make sure lah easy going plus ada maksud dia. Jangan main sebat, bantai bajet sedap hati nurani sendiri je, tapi telinga lain yang mendengar sakit bingit pula.

Tapi bagi pendengar yang menggunakan khidmat internet sebagai jalur utama- berharap sesangatlaa semoga tak payah sangat nak streaming Sinar pasni. Kalau dulu waktu pertama kali Hot Fm no 1-susah gila nak stream, lepass tu ikut dengan Era pulak dah. Mm,macam-macam!! *sigh*

Papehal, Sinar memang layan. Daripada barisan pengacara dj dia sampailah ke susunan lagunya. Percaya tak percaya, adik bongsu SRi adalah kipas paling sussah maw mati Sinar ni dan dialah promoter utama stesen radio ni selepas abah! WOHA!!

SRi:Suka sangat dengar celoteh Abby Fana sejak dia di pagi THR lagi!

Friday, 21 May 2010

carut mencaruti

Bila kita sebut wanita, terus terbayangkan wajah yang mendamaikan, menenangkan jiwa.

Mungkin akan ada yang terbayangkan kesensitifmengadaannya, kemerajukannya yang menyengalkan-tapi tetap mereka akan tergambarkan sosok yang sangat lemah gemalai lembutnya.

Namun semua tu hilang jatuh berderai bila sang wanita tu mengamuk mencaruti warga yang lain.

Sedangkan lelaki hari ini pun dah banyak yang tak mencarut, bahkan kalau mencarut pun rasanya semua macam tak berapa nak kisah sebab memang lelaki dan kasar sememangnya sinonim. 

Tapi bila terdengar itu terpacul daripada bibir empunyanya wanita-mau berderau darah semua yang mendengarkan. Pakailah tudung labuh mana sekalipun, rasanya jatuh hilang hormat padanya bila terdengarkan itu yang terpacul daripada mulut dia.

Serius kamu tak kelihatan keren jika mencarut. Bahkan nilai harga dirimu bakal jatuh menyembah bumi.

Konklusi;lumrah lelaki jika mahu berbini akan mencari yang boleh mampu menjadi contoh panutan buat keluarga dan bakal anak-anaknya. Sejahat semetal manapun dia, yang lemah lembut bertudung jua akan dipilihnya. Yang memang kaki masjid toksah cakaplah.

Jagalah sikap dan lidahmu Hawa jika teringinkan kemanisan kemudian hari kelak.
SRi:Say NO to WTF!!

Saturday, 15 May 2010


i would love to give u everything every tone every tune
n i would fall if u wont stop pushing me more
u give me so much pleasure too much presure
n it fell so sad when
u still care asking me why

u dream of being the most so called beautifool,
tonight..go out like that n make a fool of yourself
u dream of being the most so called beautifool,
tonight..go out like that n make a fool of yourself

i would love to give u everything every tone every tune
n i would fall if u wont stop loving me more so beautifool,so be a good girl
n don't walk like that n make a fool of yourself

Sunday, 9 May 2010

antara dia yang di hutan,kita sebaik ciptaan Tuhan

Kera mati dikendong lari

Kita hidup dibunuh pergi

SRi:serabut bebenor ngan kes mati-mati nih!!*babun sbnarnye*

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

rintik rintik petir

Basah lagi bumi sore ini
Seperti kelmarin
Sudah berkurun kemarau
Menangis lagi langit sore ini
Namun jangan kelam lagi malam ini
Aku ada dua bab thesis tak habis lagi
Jangan kelam lagi
Aku perlukan cahaya sinar listrik malam ini
Aku tak sanggup bergelap lagi
Siangkanlah ku malam ini

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


minum salah! 
tak minum nanti laagi rase bersalah pulaks.. 
tapi bila dah minum ngantoks pula dah. 
bile maw siap thesis ni kalau keje tidoo sajaa memanjang??
*bile dah bangun ngadap fb plaks da.hahahaghusungguhlaa
SRi:Jgn dilayan sangat post gila kali ni!
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