Friday, 13 August 2010

Harga Sebuah Nyawa..

Ini adalah kisah yg aku dapat dari seorang kawan. Rasanya dah banyak kali kita dengar bagaimana pihak berkuasa kita bertindak dalam keadaan kecemasan. Kalau sesiapa pernah mendengar joke dari Harith Iskandar semasa beliau menjadi "stand-up comedian" di majlis-majlis tertentu pasti ada joke perbezaan bagaimana kisah 911 di US dan kemudiannya dijadikan kisah 999 di Malaysia.

Kita sering tenguk siri 911 atau ER atau sekarang NCSI bagaimana mereka bertindak begitu cepat menghantar paramedik tak kira lah samada yg cedera tu adalah penjahat atau polis. Mereka melihat nyawa sebagai sesuatu yg paling berharga. Sedangkan di Malaysia .. nyawa mcm barang yg boleh diganti.. tu sebab agaknya kita ada banyak mat rempit yg tak takut mati.

Seorang kawan bercerita ... seorang pelajar UPM yg dilanggar dibawa ke Hospital Besar KL, dalam keadaan kritikal, tapi jururawat di situ boleh berkata

biarkan.. padan muka .. ni mesti merempit ni

sedangkan pelajar tu dlm perjalanan balik dr kelas. Bagi aku tak kiralah orang tu rempit ke tidak, itu hal dia.. tanggungjawab mereka adalah menyelamatkan nyawa hatta nyawa penjahat sekali pun. Akhirnya pelajar UPM tahun ke3 tersebut meninggal dunia kerana terlambat diberi rawatan kecemasan.

Ntahlah... mungkin konsep kita bahawa ajal maut di tangan Allah... jadi adakalanya kita cuba justify tindakan kita dengan berkata begini

Dah ajal dia.. lambat ke cepat rawatan dia akan mati gak dah tertulis..

tapi tidak ke kita berasa lega kalau kita dah berupaya menyelamatkannya tapi dia meninggal dunia.. dr merasa kesal yg dia meninggal atas kelalaian kita?

Itu bab kakitangan hospital... bagaimana dengan org awam? Kelmarin dengar di KLFM.. seorang pemandu ambulan meminta orang ramai memberi laluan kerana mereka ingin cepat ke hospital utk menyelamatkan nyawa org yg kemalangan. Sedih mendengarnya... kenapalah tak pernah terfikir kalau-kalau yg dalam ambulan tu adalah sedara mara kita yg sedang menyabung nyawa?

Aku menulis ni sebab aku mendapat email dr seorang kawan.. kawan in meng"forward"kan cerita Zara Davies Abdul Rahman ... bagaimana kecewanya dia dengan kakitangan Hospital Klang.. dan beliau juga memberikan saranan bagaimana nyawa dpt diselamatkan dengan secepatnya.

A true blue Malaysia Boleh story

Zara Davies Abdul Rahman
Dec 15, 06 5:09pm

On Dec 13, at about 1.30pm, there was a road traffic accident involving a driver driving a dark blue Proton Saga and the victim, a highway road sweeper, male, approximately in the mid-20s. The location of the accident was about 150 – 200 meters from the Batu Tiga toll booth (Elite highway) in the direction towards KLIA.

I chanced upon this accident (which had just happened) while on my way back to work from Ampang via the Kesas highway. As I approached the accident site, it seemed the victim was already dead, the driver who had knocked him down was standing nearby and nobody dared approach to lend assistance to the victim - almost as if this was one time were an invasion of privacy was taboo.

I stopped my vehicle and approached and upon examining the accident victim, I found him to be still alive but heavily concussed, his pupils were completely dilated. Suddenly the victim grabbed my hand and tried with all his might to raise himself to his feet. I tried to calm him and asked the bystanders if an ambulance had been called. I was told it had not.

In a firm tone, I told the driver of the car that hit the victim to call for an ambulance. He dialed 999, it rang until it didn’t ring anymore. He rang again, again it was not answered. He rang again and passed the phone to me. Finally someone answered (a man).

I informed him that I was reporting an accident a few hundred meters away from the Batu Tiga toll in the direction of KLIA. He asked me my phone number and my name and which hospital was the nearest. I gave the info and added that the nearest hospital to deal with this kind of trauma was probably Klang.

At 1.57pm I received a call from the phone number 03- 3371 7989 - the ambulance control centre at the Klang Hospital. The guy in charge of the control centre asked to speak to me and asked for the location of the accident which I gave, adding that the victim was dying and that this was an extreme emergency.

The guy manning the control centre did not know my location, so I repeated it clearly and concisely. It seemed that he needed to understand it for himself otherwise he could not pass on the information and dispatch the ambulance. It was a frustrating conversation. I repeated the details of my location and he asked me if I was sure that Klang was the nearest hospital. I repeated firmly, yes.

I told him the injuries of the victim, hoping he would feel the urgency. Instead he wanted to know whether

‘dia jatuh motor ke...?’

I told him politely that his question was completely irrelevant and to hurry up with the ambulance. I had to hang up and attend to the victim. I called back at 2.06pm to ask if an ambulance had been dispatched. The same guy told me


He asked me the same questions. I answered them.

I warned him that the next time I make a call would be to the menteri besar's office to complain about his shoddy professionalism, so he'd better send out that ambulance immediately. I then called someone I knew at 2.08pm who helped call the Klang Hospital on my behalf to request they send out an ambulance immediately.

I waited and called the emergency control centre at Klang Hospital at 2.36pm and asked the same guy if an ambulance had been dispatched. Same answer,


He requested me to repeat the accident location again, which I did. This time I told him that he need not understand it but to just writes it down and give it to the ambulance driver along with my handphone number.

I waited again. The victim was rolling in pain on the road, his head had a gash about 10cm long on the back, and the skin on his head was beginning to peel off. His left leg was completely broken and was hanging by the flesh but the main artery was not severed. He was not losing much blood. His workmate was cradling him in his arms and asking him to

'mengucap kalimah syahadah’ .

I tried to stop further damage to his left leg by securing it to his right leg. I told the few people around that he is going to die if we don't get him to hospital. Everyone was reluctant to put him in their cars, all kinds of excuses, ‘ada barang, kotor lah, berdarah la’. Meanwhile the victim was grabbing on to my clothes and body in pain, unable to talk possibly due to his head injury.

Finally the driver who knocked him down allowed us to use his car to send the victim to the hospital. But he was too shaken-up to drive. Another gentleman offered to drive but did not know how to exit the Elite highway to get towards the Klang Hospital. I asked him to follow me and so we drove off as fast as we could head towards the Federal Highway to Klang. We had to go through so many toll gates, some after paying though some after explaining briefly, let us through.

On the Federal Highway despite our attempts to notify motorists that we were in a state of emergency, many blocked our path and only relented to give way when I practically sat on my car horn.

We arrived in Klang and I called the emergency control centre guy for directions to the hospital. I was by this time quite distressed and pronounced the name of the hospital wrongly. The guy in the control center told me there was no such hospital in Klang, so I said to him.

‘Have you sent out an ambulance to the Batu Tiga toll accident site? No, right? So since you cannot understand where the accident is, we are sending the victim to you. This is an emergency can you give me directions to your hospital or not?’

Finally he did. When we arrived at the Klang Hospital, I had a hard time looking for the staff to bring a trolley to remove the victim from the car. I asked for assistance from two nurses but did not receive a response. I took a trolley and pushed it to the car, suddenly a hospital aide appeared, then another, as we tried to remove the victim’s body from the car. It was then that the co-worker who had been cradling the victim in the car said that he had stopped breathing.

The hospital aides rushed the victim into the Accident & Emergency room and I followed. As he was wheeled in there was no immediate response from the doctors. It was obvious this young man with his whole life ahead of him had died in the car on the way to the hospital.
I was so angry, my words were simple,

‘Kecuaian pihak hospital menghantar ambulans membantu mangsa ini telah mengecewakan rakyat’.

The aide asked me to be calm. How could any human being be calm when faced with such stupidity and total lack of regard for human life? The aide showed me an identity card and asked me to confirm if this was the victim. I confirmed. I briefly saw the name Mohd Yusry and his age was somewhere in his mid-20s. As I walked away from the A&E room in disgust I saw the control centre. A guy was sitting in it with a female nurse looking at a computer (very close and comfy).

I approached him and asked if he was the person who took my calls, he knew my name and I asked him for his, he declined. I asked him why he did not dispatch an ambulance to which he replied something brash.

I asked him if he was happy as the victim was unnecessarily dead and that I am going to ensure that his lackadaisical attitude to his job was brought to the public attention. I asked him for his name again along with the nurse who was sitting next to him ‘playing’ with the computer. He refused to give it to me.

Feeling very frustrated I called my friend, who earlier helped route my call and informed him that regretfully the road accident victim - a young Malay man - had died in the car on the way to the hospital and that no ambulance had been dispatched.

This is not the first time I have called for an ambulance and used the 999 services. Every time I have called for an ambulance it has never arrived, never. Why? This is the first road accident victim whom I have helped who has actually died. Everyone else I have helped before this has survived.

The issues that need to be addressed are:

1. The strategic location of a free government hospital able to deal with serious road accident trauma in Shah Alam (densely populated area with much traffic activity). and/or Emergency response centres created where the Balai Bomba have special ambulances and police squad cars for dispatching only to accident/incident locations and to the nearest hospital/police stations (ambulances need not be parked permanently at hospitals).

2. Road signs giving clear and proper directions to hospitals (there are hardly any such signs now).

3. Special emergency exits through toll gates and signs declaring their existence plus a phone number to call ahead so that they can be opened.

4. The name of the highways such as Elite, Kesas, Federal Highway, etc, be clearly advertised so that road users are able to identify their locations under emergency circumstances.

5. Professionally trained personnel with various language skills who have true empathy and value for the human life manning emergency response centres. Who consistently answer calls on the first or second ring.

6. An emergency station located at the hospital emergency parking lot with a big sign above it (similar to the car jockey service at hotels) to receive patients. That is manned 24 hours a day and never ever left unattended.

7. An ISO response time from the time you send out an SOS call to 999 that will ensure you receive the assistance you need within 15 minutes.

These are my simple suggestions. Life is precious and should be preserved above all else. Without regard for one another what kind of country are we leaving for our children

Aku nak tambah .. mungkin kerajaan juga perlu mendidik anak-anak melihat nyawa sebagai sesuatu yg berharga.. pernah aku terbaca kat UK yg anak-anak dibawa melihat hospital .. masuk ke dalam ambulan utk memahami betapa kritikalnya menyelamatkan nyawa manusia. Pendidikan dari kecil boleh mendidik anak2 menghargai nyawa seseorang. Sebab adakalanya kita tidak akan memahami jika kita tidak pernah mengalaminya.

Wallahualam.. semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat roh pemuda yg meninggal dunia di atas. Aameein~~
SRi:Dalam masa-masa genting orang-orang politik nak hukum mati pembuang anak nie--tetiba arini boleh pula keluar lagi punya sadis cerita baby jumpa dalam lobang najis pula..isk3

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Selamat.. Selamat Hari Rayaa!!

Di kesempatan yang tak berapa nak sempat nie-kami kru produksi mengucapkan Salam Ramadhan Mubarak kepada semua pembaca.

Seperti biasalah kan-- sekarang bukan trend orang minta maaf waktu puasa sahaja. Makanya kami memohon keampunan zahir dan batin jika ada salah silap kata perbuatan secara nyata maupun jika ada yang tersembunyi.

Semoga Ramadhan kali ini menjadi kita makin dekat kepadaNya dan lebih memahami tujuan kita diciptakan untuk masih bernyawa sampai ke saat ini.

Selamat Beramal!! WOHA
SRi:Jangan malas-malas nak beribadat!Rugi menangis tak berlagu nanti wooooooeee!!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Apek Ku Sayang.. *Gay Gillakss!!*

Dah nak dekat seminggu dah gua melepak dekat Cherries ni. Semuanya semata-mata nak tarah line internet dia. Bahagia betul! Lepak dari jam 10 sampai ke tiga pagi-gua bayar paling mahal pun 30k-itu pun kebetulan Beef Wellington tetiba malam tu tak Sold Out. Yang lain standard lapan hingget -- Nasib baiklah brother tu tak pernah ngamuk buat muka bila kitorang masuk kedai dia bersama beg laptop kesayangan kami

Tetiba bila-bila fikir balik--ni bukanlah pertama kali gua buat perangai macam ni--dulu waktu sekolah--selalu sangat dah melepak macam ni. Yang pernah hidup dengan gua--mesti semua dah tau cerita ni--asal ada outing saja-mesti gua pergi melepak kat Metro Kajang--naik tingkat 3--cari kedai apek sorang ni. Dia sangat baik. Gua selalu lepak kedai dia baca komik-komik dekat situ. 

Gua tak tau gerai buku ni siapa empunya dia sebenarnya. Sebab ada dua orang pak guard dekat situ. Sorang apek ni-dan sorang lagi sorang mamak ni. Gua  dah rasa macam dah sebahagian daripada dorang pula. Sampai satu tahap kalau dorang nak pergi mana-mana, dorang suruh jah gua jagakan kedai dorang. Mungkin tu caranya dorang tak mau bagi gua "makan" gaji buta kot..? Maunya tidak-reti baca saja. Belinya tak pernah lah pula

Rasa macam dah lama pula tak pergi singgah ziarah. Kali terakhir gua turun apek dah takda. Mamak cakap dia ikut abang dia berniaga. Betullah tu kot? Sebab setau gua--apek tu kata dia memang jenis tak mau nikah. Dia reti kahwin jah! Makanya tak mungkinlah dia takda sebab ikut bini dia berniaga. WOHA
Tapi macamtu lah hakikatnya kalau nak berniaga-- kena selalu senyum tak mudah nak bermasam muka. Kalau nak bertahan lama, terpaksalah lupa buat-buat tak nampak kerenah yang menyakitkan hati. Jangka masa panjang punya keuntungan jauh lebih lumayan daripada jangka masa pendek. Mulut pun kena pandai jaga juga. Tapi tetap--jangan sampai rugi pula.

Mama cakap; peraturan paling basic sekali kalau nak buat kedai makan---jangan biar orang tertunggu-tunggu nak order. Ikut cara mamak berniaga-lama macamana sekalipun makanan nak kena masak-air mesti kena kasi hantar cepat-cepat dulu;lepas tu biarkan je kalau ada yang jenis suka nak melepak lama-lama. Rules yang kedua? --- Ada deeeeeh!!
SRi: Nanti cuti siapa nak ikut turun Kajang -- angkat tangan!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Bakun Dam

Dah lama bebenor saya menantikan artikel mengenai Empangan Bakun tersiar di media arus perdana. Mana tidaknya-projek mega ni dah berapa banyak kali terbengkalai-dari zaman sekolah dulu lagi sampai sekarang tak nampak lagi al-hasilnya. Dan hari ini dengan tidak semena-mena keluar press statement tentang SHSB tunggu kelulusan kerajaan negeri untuk menaikkan paras air supaya turbin mereka sesuai perencanaan dapat berfungsi akhir tahun ini. Mungkin kelulusanni macam berat hati nak bagi gara-gara tekanan  pihak luar dan dalam terhadap projek ni kot? Biasalah---Greenpeace

Projek Empangan Bakun sememangnya jika dari mata kasar adalah projek yang bakal sangat menguntungkan negara. Projek megah negara yang bakal mendaftarkan berapa rekod dalam industri kejuruteraan sumber tenaga dunia. Apabila selesai nanti--empangan ini bakal menjadi empangan sangat mega penghasilan tenaga elektriknya-- 2400 MW dengan kabel dasar laut terpanjang di dunia. Rasa-rasanya inilah empangan yang paling berkuasa sekali dalam Asia selepas empangan gila hebat dekat China yang boleh main angkat-angkat kapal sesuka hati tu.
Tapi daripada sisi halusnya-saya tak berapa nak tahulah bakal menguntungkan sangat ke tak sebenarnya. Cuba difikirkan walau pun Sabah Sarawak (plus Kalimantan dan Brunei) tu besar-tapi penggunaan elektrik negeri-negera ini tidaklah sebesar mana sangat pun. Murah memanglah murah-sebab bila pengeluaran banyak-permintaan kurang-otomatislah jadi lambakan yang melambak-lambak di pasaran. Secara tak langsung harga barangan tersebut memanglah bakal jadi murah akhirnya. Tapi kalau dinisbah kembalikan kepada nilai projek yang menelan lebih 2 Bilion USD ni--rasanya takdalah berapa nak menguntungkan sangat dengan keperluan rakyat-rakyat di kepulauan Borneo ni.

Dengan nilai sumber tenaga yang murah ini-negara mengharapkan bercendawanlah kilang-kilang di kepulauan Borneo lepas ni- semoga bolehlah jana ekonomi negara dan negeri seterusnya lepas ni.  Bilangan  jawatan pekerjaan untuk rakyat pun bertambah. Kemudian mungkin dengan mekanisme mereka tersendiri yang sungguh saya tak tahu caranya--mungkin dengan simpan dalam balang-balang bateri --- hasil-hasil tenaga ni akan dijual pula ke negara-negara luar.

Memang terdapat rancangan untuk membawa tenaga yang bercambah maha hebat ni ke Kepulauan Semenanjung Melayu - tapi kalau difikir logik balik pun-bila dah sampai dekat Semenanjung Malaysia selepas merentasi kos 600 batu bawah laut tu-maunya takda nak murah balik dah--mesti harga standard balik punya.
P/s:Tak pernah dibuat orang pasang kabel jauh-jauh macamtu. Paling jauh dalam dunia ni pun 200 batu-antara Norway dan Belanda.
Entahlah bila masa tahun bila lah nak balik modal projek mega Bakun ni. Tetapi jika dipertanyakan pendapat peribadi adalah lebih digemari jika dibina tiga empat biji lagi empangan seumpama Empangan Pergau di Kelantan yang mengumbangkan 600MW di seluruh negara berbanding sebiji kontroversi yang besar gila babeng habis 2 Billion ni.

Semoga projek ini tidak membuatkan negara berputih mata --- penyebab batu loncatan bagi tangan-tangan dajal untuk memegang tampuk pimpinan negara. Mau tidaknya-naik risaulah juga hati ni pabila diikutsusurgalurkan rentetan pemegang-pemegang saham dan penaung projek mega yang macam-macam kerenah nak tunggu benda ni siap boleh pakai sepenuhnya.
SRi:Bila nak turun Sabah Sarawak ni?

Charlie St Cloud

 Charlie St Cloud is obviously intended as an uplifting movie about overcoming tragedy and moving on with one’s life; the film teeters on the brink of bathos, without ever quite falling in. Yes, the CGI-enhanced skylines lend a storybook quality to the film’s look, but they also create a world in which the presence of ghosts is less obtrusive; yes, the musical choices are eccentric at best, with upbeat songs shoe-horned into the soundtrack as if to insist that Charlie is not really a gloomy person, even though he has a live-in job at a cemetery and interacts with almost no one but his dead brother, but there is just enough underlying bitterness to prevent viewers from overdosing on saccharine sweetness.

Charlie St. Cloud (2010) Zac Efron and Charlie TahanThat bittersweet quality is felt most keenly in the relationship between Charlie and Sam, which is laced with underlying resentment: Charlie refuses to let go of Sam emotionally, but he also resents Sam for holding him back; Sam, meanwhile, resents Charlie’s resentment, accusing his older brother of secretly yearning to leave him behind, especially after Charlie becomes interested in Tess.

After a first act that effectively sets the stage,  Charlie St Cloud settles into a too-measured pace meant to convey the stasis of Charlie’s life. The character is a bit too wrapped up in himself, too precious about holding onto his grief, and too passive to fully engage us. Florio, the paramedic who pulled Charlie back from the grave, is surprised to see the young man wasting his second chance by spending his life literally among the dead, and we are forced to agree. Fortunately, Efron is charismatic enough as an actor to hold our attention and our sympathy, even when we start to feel that Charlie needs a good swift kick to snap him out of his bad mood.

Things pick up when Tess goes missing while trying out her new boat. At this point,the focus shifts away from grieving to the suggestion made by Florio that there must be a reason for Charlie’s resurrection. Rather like Shyamalan’s Signs, at this point  Charlie St Cloud lays out message that things happen for a reason, and even tragedies can have silver linings. Charlie’s sixth sense gives him a clue to Tess’s possible whereabouts, but when the search goes on longer than expected, Charlie’s commitment to finding the lost woman requires missing his daily appointment with Sam. The dilemma is cleverly encapsulated in the dialogue, when Charlie’s co-worker Alistair (the charming Augustus Prew) asks Charlie whether he intends to go back or move on – a question that applies not only to the present emergency but also to Charlie’s life in general.

Charlie St Cloud (2010) Charlie takes big risks to win a sailing competitionThere are a few mis-steps along the way, which we are obviously not supposed to question in the midst of being inspired by the uplifting love story. At one point, Charlie physically interacts with another character on a rather intimate level, only to realize later that the person was present only in spirit – the only indication that Charlie is not able to tell the living from the dead at a glance. The script also makes a major miscalculation in portraying Sam’s death as the result of  a car accident; since the opening scenes go to considerable length to depict Charlie as a daredevil sailor who takes too many risks, the logical route would have been for Sam to die in a boating accident caused by his brother – which would have given Charlie more reason for feeling guilty.

Nevertheless, for all of its obvious calculations,  Charlie St Cloud is sincere and effective enough in its intentions to win over at least a few cynical hearts.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore

A sequel to a 2001 film nobody willfully remembers and from which it resurrects wholly dispensable characters just to generate content for 3D technology. Like its predecessor, this proudly insipid kid's movie relies on cynical jokes with self-evident punchlines that proudly announce that what you see is exactly what you get with each passing minute of dead air that in real-time feels like five. Talking cats and dogs parody spy- and action-movie clichés mostly ripped off from the Roger Moore cycle of James Bond films, among other generic detritus.
Nothing so exciting happens to the audience during the main feature, alas. Plagued by cheap-looking special effects and a crummy 3-D conversion, Kitty Galore leans heavily on its only real asset, the natural cuteness of its fuzzy stars. It also negates the one truly fun thing about 2001's Cats & Dogs -- the comic mileage it got out of the age-old rivalry between humankind's two favorite house pets -- with a gloppy peace-between-the-species plotline. Cats and dogs working together for the greater good? Woof.

Of course, the animals are voiced by plenty of celebrities--James Marsden, Nick Nolte, Christina Applegate, Neil Patrick Harris, Wallace Shawn and, in one of the more inspired casting choices, Roger Moore, a former Bond who voices a character called Tab Lazenby, himself named after another former Bond actor. One would think the cleverness of the writing might go beyond simply referencing Bond movies outright, but I suppose that would be expecting a bit too much.

It's likely that a great deal of the film's budget went into the special effects, which is baffling considering how poor they are. Giving a dog peanut butter may be a pretty archaic way to make it look like it's talking, but even that would've been better than this. Basically, the animals sit around, completely still, and then their mouths are animated. The result is less amusing or realistic and more weird and creepy. At least with peanut butter, the animals would move around with some sort of personality.

The action is pretty much equally bad, kinetic to the point of confusion at times and banal and boring at others.

Basically, it'll accomplish what parents will probably want it to--it'll entertain (very young) children for a little over an hour. But when movies like Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me are still in theaters, it feels irresponsible to force them to watch stuff like this.

Pinterr Gak Tuh?!


Kalau waktu tahun pertama kedua dulu gua bangun pagi-pagi terus ngadap depan tv semata-mata nak layan Inbox segala--kini semua itu sudah berubah dengan kehadiran RANKING 1!!

Gua sebenarnya dah bosan gila dengan rancangan-rancangan dekat tv indon ni. (Baca:Malaysia pun sama ja) Semuanya sefesyen-tak membangun jiwa langsung. Sinetron tak payah nak cakaplah-memang sejak azali gua tak layan-bangang sangat.

Kalau di Malaysia---masih bolehlah nak dibanggakan lagi kerna sifat siarannya masih mendidik (Baca:Walaupun dah makin berkurangan) Pagi-pagi masih boleh kita mendengarkan suara Dr Fadzilah Kamsah berceloteh, tak pun Ustaz Wan Akashah duk buat kuliah subuh dalam tv. Selesai Subuh, mulalah Aziz Desa ceriakan pagi kita. Tapi situasi ni hampir semuanya berbeza di Indonesia--sudahlah gossip bermaharajalela- ini berita nasional pun tumpang ikut sama cara infotainmentnya--sungguh gua tak respect pada institusi pemberitaan mereka -- yang boleh diharap sikit pun - cuma Metro TV -- yang lain pembaca berita jangankan tidak profesional -- bersedia pun tidak gayanya. Sangat-sangat mengecewakan saya
Pernah layan Bell Challenge di KBS World? Hah, Ranking 1 ni adik beradik dia lah. Daripada 80 orang - hanya seorang sahaja yang akan diberi peluang merebut Rp 50juta dan trofi Ranking 1 yang keemasan tu. Soalan terbahagi kepada 4 pusingan yang melibatkan Semester 1 (paling mudah), Semester 2, Babak Praktikum dan Ujian Akhir Nasional sampailah cuma seorang saja yang tinggal.

Sama seperti Are You Smarter Than 5th Grader? - soalan melibatkan ilmu-ilmu pengetahuan yang pernah dorang pelajari dalam kelas sampailah ke personil band-band penghibur tanah air.

Walaupun gua layan Behemoth, terkadang gua rasa gua nie nerd juga kekadang. Maunye tidak---sampai satu tahap gua dah macam craving gila nak mati program-program kat tv yan berbentuk pendidikan. Nat Geo, Discovery ngan BBC Knowledge toksah cakaplah--memang dah hampir dalam tangan dah lah-especially yang adik beradik dengan Mega Thursday and Top Gear--damn!I'm lovin it.

Gua berharap makin banyaklah program yang sama coraknya dengan Ranking 1 ni--dah muak sangat kot hiburan setiap hari. Ada kalanya jauh lebih baiklah kita suap ja rohani ni dengan benda-benda yang bermanfaat dan berwawasan. Kesian dia terpaksa bergelumang dengan dosa lama-lama kan?
SRi:Jom Qiam!! WOHA

Friday, 6 August 2010

Dinner for Schmucks?!?

Clearly there’s little Steve Carell can’t do. The unctuous boss on The Office who won our hearts as the over-ripe Virgin plays it stupid, really stupid, in the new comedy Dinner for Schmucks.

Dinner for Schmucks is a remake of Francis Veber's much livelier French farce from the 1990s titled The Dinner Game (Le dîner de cons), and it's no surprise that the American version is so bloated and dumbed-down compared to its more sophisticated foreign-language cousin. Director Jay Roach, working with an anemic adapted screenplay by David Guion and Michael Handelman, turns the whole dinner element of the plot into more of a freak show competition (one guest channels the souls of dead pets, another is a blind swordsman) than the original film's more scathing exercise in intellectual mockery.
I keep coming back to the word uncomfortable when trying to describe Dinner for Schmucks. Barry turns into a stalker, breaks up Tim's relationship with his girlfriend, and allows a psycho one-night-stand lady to re-enter Tim's life. Tim meanwhile takes advantage of Barry's clinging ways and means to set him up as an object of ridicule. And all this goes down without the benefit of clever writing or set-ups.

The best part of Dinner for Schmucks are the incredibly complex mouse dioramas which are simply stunning. The stories they tell are moving and the amount of work put into each piece is impressive. Too bad the same can't be said about the rest of the film.

Skip this Dinner as it'll leave you with a bad aftertaste. If you're hungry for something funny, this isn't the satisfying meal you're looking for.
SRi:Unless you're a hard-core Carell fan, this is one "Dinner" reservation I'd consider canceling.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

The Last Airbender is a disaster

Apa yang menerujakan SRi awal tahun ini~ AVATAR! Bukan Avatar makhluk biru hidung belang itu ya adik-adik. Tapi ini Avatar kisah penglipurlara Aang: The Last Airbender.
The Last Airbender (2010)

Apa yang mengecewakan SRi awal tahun ini ~ M Shyamalan. Sebab apa? Kerana sejak 1992: Praying With Anger sehinggalah The Happening (Baca : cerita yang sangat memening sakit kepalakan orang) masih tiada satu pun yang boleh mampu dibanggakan. Ingatkan cuma pengarah sahaja, bila dibaca diteliti lebih lanjut rupa-rupanya semua dia sebat- mulai pengarah, penulis bahkan produser dirembatnya. Nafas dalam-dalam berkali-kali SRi ketika itu. Nasib baiklah tak ditibainya sekali pergi aktor merangkap sang hero Aang. Kalau tak...

Perkara yang sama-sudah dapat diterka terjadi lagi dengan filem yang dinanti ramai terutamanya peminat setia Nickelodeon; The Last Airbender (tajuk awal; Avatar -- tapi sebab risau disalahertikan dengan filem syaitan biru tu, setuju ditukarkan kepada The Last Airbender saja)

Mulai dari castingnya-semuanya haru biru. Sudahlah rupa langsung tak sama-yang Fire Nation buta-buta Cina terus tukar jadi India. Elok-elok Katara gelap jadi cerah bak puteri salju pula dah. Susah sangatkah nak cari sorang pelakon Cina Asia terutamanya yang berperut buncit untuk dijadikan Iroh? Ini nya tidak--yang duk berlakon jadi terorrist juga di castingnya. Aktor akteres semuanya sama sahaja kelihatan tak bersemangat , tak bermotivasi nak berlakon. Narator pun hampagas petala ke lapan lapisan langit. Berterabur semua. Bagaikan cukup cuma saja melepas batuk di tangga--semuanya boleh pulang dengan poket yang bahagia

Untuk cerita semegah ini rasanya memang kesilapan besar untuk memilih kroni--wajah baru di layar perak. Selain daripada Dev Patel (Prince Zuko yang GELAP dan mengecewakan) tiada satu pun watak dalam filem ini pernah memegang watak utama dalam filem atau drama mereka. Bahkan buat Noah Ringer : Sang Aang, ini merupakan lakonan pertamanya. Tapi SRi tak tahulah pula kalau beliau pernah menang mana-mana drama sekolah sebelum ini.

Plot cerita memang dah boleh diagaklah. Kalau dah nama pun diadaptasi daripada komik atau novel dll; sudah pastilah semuanya bakalan melompat-lompat, tak ikut plot yang sebenar. Makanya, bersiapsedialah untuk menerima kenyataannya. Cuma yang jadi rasanya bersyukurnya--sang pengarah tak tamak haloba  sangat nak habis selesai rangkumkan semua buku-buku ni buat satu kali sahaja. Kalau tak.. Silaplah gua kutuk macam Lagenda Budak Setan!

Skrip--SRi memang ada banyak masalah dengan Encik M Night Shyamalan ni. Sudahlah berterabur, tak berpuitis--bila diucapkan terasa pula dah kepoyoannya bermaharajalela penuh sesak dalam gedung panggung wayang tu. Nasib baiklah kiri kanan depan belakang penuh berisi orang--kalau tak dah termuntah  dah waktu tu juga tak fikir kali kedua dah.

Grafik--dari segi arsitektur rekaan bangunan-ketelitiannya bolehlah dibanggakan terutamanya indah reka rupa negara North Water Bender. Tapi kalau dari segi animasi, rumput dan fauna sekeliling terutamanya ketika pada adegan bernaga-nagaan; fuuuh.. tarik nafas panjang sekejap. Aksi seni pertahanan diri--tak payah buka mata pun Aiman tak kisah mana.
One of the film's cute but sadly underused creatures
 3D? Rasa-rasanya buat masa ketika ini 3D cukuplah saja anda habiskan duit fama tu dekat filem-filem animasi sahaja rasanya. Mungkin untuk yang berbentuk figur manusia beneran--dunia perfileman masih belum menemui formula yang sebenar untuk mengoptimaksimumkan penggunaannya. Bahkan sampai satu tahap punya bersungguh-sungguh sang grafis nak bagi 3D juga- beliau cuma mengtigadimensikan rambut Prince Zuka dan Jenderal Iroh sahaja--dan makanya terlihatlah seperti kepala korang yang ditempek secebis kertas warna hitam. Sadis sungguh saya rasanya untuk menikmati filem tersebut sebentar tadi. Cuma rasanya untung 3D ini (Baca:Mungkin) gambarnya lebih sharp yang menyebabkan anda dapat melihatnya dengan lebih teliti setiap detailnya. Yang lain-yang timbul hanyalah sarikatanya sahaja. Bagi yang duduk dekat oversea yang tak disediakan subtitle-selamatlah menikmati kertas hitam yang ditempek dibelakang kepala Zukaodan Iroh itu.

Kesimpulannya; sila tukar semua manusia yang terlibat untuk Book Two nanti. SRi sebenarnya berharapkan versi filem ini dapat menutupi kecacatan plot dalam versi kartunnya, namun malangnya makin teruk pula jadinya. Sudahlah dulu cuma berlubang kecil saja, kini pecah tembelang pula tempayannya.
SRi: They messed up everything...

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

4 tahun sudaa

Terima kasih bebanyak sangatlah gua ucapkan kepada teman-teman seperjuangan terutamanya geng-geng CGC- tak kisahlah yang dari Pusat maupun Cawangan-semuanya sama saja- senantiasa ada untuk gua tak kisahlah waktu riang atau malang. Tak pernah gua rasakan kasihnya seperti ini sebelumni. 

Bagi yang diluar- janganlah pula terasa -- bukan salah korang atas apa yang berlaku -- cuma kalau sebelum ni gua cuma kongsikan kebahagiaan gua je dengan korang -- sebab kita bukannya jumpa waktu gua ada masalahkan -- kita jumpa time nak pergi wayang, raya. Apa kes kejadahnya nak sedih-sedih waktu tu

Seriously, am I a "gaul" guy? Absolutely lah NO the answer nya. Kalau diikutkan sejarah pertemanan gua --- rasa-rasanya SRi jauh lagi rapat dengan orang yang tak pernah diketemui berbanding dengan yang di depan mata.

Gua bukan yang jenis suka sangat dan pandai nak bercakap. Makanya kalau dalam kelompok tu- biasanyalah gua lah yang paling terkebelakang. Mungkin hidup yang dah terbiasa bersendiri - keluar jalan seorang diri - makanya terkeluarlah versi SRi yang spoiler dan membosankan tak reti bergaul dengan orang ramai

Tapi untung korang semua ada dan memahami siapa diri ini sebenarnya - semuanya jenis sempoi tak memaksa apa-apa pun. 

Sekarang kita semua dah mulai bergerak ikut jalan masing-masing. Sebelum ni kita masih boleh pergi kelas sama-sama. Lepas ni rasanya nak berjumpa waktu rehat pun cam dah mulai bermasalah.

Doa dan harapan SRi kat sini semoga apa yang dah terbina terjalin biarlah terikat kukuh rapat sebagaimana yang sebelumnya. Jika ada yang salah janganlah pula takut-takut nak betulkan. Kita bukannya orang asing tak pernah hidup bersama kan.

Papehal- I LOVE CGC! Jika ada salah silap-rasanya memang banyak kut-yang terharam sengaja buat sakit hati-minta maaflah dari diri yang sering buat kesilapan ni. Ampun maaf zahir batin saye ucapkan kepada semua yang mengenali diri ini. 

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan lah ya! Semoga Ramadhan kali ini menjadikan kita semua insan yang jauh lebih baik daripada hari-hari kehidupan sebelumnya [ini tiada kaitan dengan reincarnation ok] hahaha

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Drama Lagenda Budak Setan Takde Lisa Surihani?

Owh tidak! Baru hari tu SRi dah tersenyum sesorang dah bila Hani kata nak ada versi drama LBS dekat Astro bulan puasa ni. Ni tetiba buka OhBulan! (baru buka sebab leptop gua rosak) depa mai habaq mai kata drama bersiri Lagenda Budak Setan tak menampilkan sosok Lisa Surihani dalam tu. Terkedu kecewa pokcik sekejap.

Mungkin sebab Lisa terlalu sibuk dengan penggambaran Ombak Rindu gamaknya --- makanya, dia pun tak sempat nak memberanikan diri untuk tandatangan kontrak versi drama. Agak-agaknya siapalah ya yang dapat pegang watak Ayu tu. Kalaulah boleh sebat Erra Fazira layan juga. Dah lama tak tengok dia berlakon

Tapi sejujurnya SRi takdalah nak kisah sangat dia berlakon ke tidak sebab kehadiran versi drama pun dah cukup melegakan kekecewaan filem kelmarin. Banyak sangat plot yang sengaja diterlepaspandangkan oleh penulis dan pengarah. Lagipun lakonan Lisa pun takdalah nak boleh diberi tepuk tangan sangat. Lagi sedap mata memandang tengok dia dalam I'm Not Single. Polos dan sangat menawan.

Papehal pun semoga versi drama ni dapat menutupi kekecewaan peminat setia nukilan karya Ahadiat Akasyah ni...
SRi:Jangan tanya gua tentang sinetron Ketika Cinta Bertasbih dan filem Nur Kasih...

Monday, 2 August 2010


Let’s face it, from Tomb Raider (2001) to Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) to Wanted (2008), Angelina Jolie has always delivered in her high-octane action adventures, and Salt is no exception. This espionage thriller about a Russian mole strategically planted in the U.S. couldn’t be more timely, given the recent arrest of Anna Chapman, the flamboyant NYC realtor deported after confessing to being a Soviet spy...
Phillip Noyce based the film on Kurt Wimmer’s script, and what they’ve created is pleasantly absurd, the perfect summer throwaway that offers steam, heat and a seemingly bottomless taste for action. It’s a fun movie, so much so that you have to question the critics who currently are slamming it because they find it “ridiculous,” “cheesy,” “an action vehicle that moves fast but thinks slow.”

Oh, please. Will anyone be walking into this movie thinking they won’t have to suspend disbelief for the entire movie? That’s the film’s point, that’s what’s putting people into seats, and that’s what Noyce, Jolie and Schreiber deliver with aplomb.

And that they do so with aplomb is what makes the movie so good. Yes, this could have been a train wreck--we’ve all been to action movies that are so dull, they make you want to reach for a noose and call it a life. But “Salt” is sleek and engaging, and the key reason for that is Jolie herself. She brought everything she had to this part, which mostly is physical as she does most of her own stunts. There’s no phoning it in with Jolie. What you see is what you get.

Add to the mix Chiwetel Ejiofor in a small yet key role as another of Salt’s colleagues and you have a movie peppered (sorry) with actors who know how to pull off a brisk movie that doesn’t lag.

As for the film’s ending, it’s an absolute set-up for a sequel, and the good news is that there still is a story to tell here. Beyond the fact that Salt’s character is compelling enough to flesh out even further, who doesn’t want to see more of Jolie being the female equivalent of James Bond? Think that’s a stretch? When you see Jolie leap from bridges onto moving semis, or when you watch her rapidly scale an elevator shaft with no equipment other than her hands and feet, or when you see how she ingeniously gets a cop to drive with the help of a stun gun, there’s truth in that statement.

Jolie knows it, she owns it, and many who see it might want a bit more of it


Dreaming is life's great solitary adventure. Whatever pleasures or terrors the dream state provides, we experience them alone or not at all.

But what if other people could literally invade our dreams, what if a technology existed that enabled interlopers to create and manipulate sleeping life with the goal of stealing our secret thoughts, or more unsettling still, implanting ideas in the deepest of subconscious states and making us believe they're our own?

Welcome to the world of Inception, written and directed by the masterful Christopher Nolan, a tremendously exciting science-fiction thriller that's as disturbing as it sounds. This is a popular entertainment with a knockout punch so intense and unnerving it'll have you worrying if it's safe to close your eyes at night.

For Inception is not only about the dream state, it often plays on screen in a dreamlike way, which means that it has the gift of being easier to follow than to explain. Specifics of the plot can be difficult to pin down, especially at first, and guessing moment to moment what will be happening next, or even if the characters are in a dream or in reality, is not always possible. But even while literal understanding can remain tantilizingly out of reach, you always intuitively understand what is going on and why.

Helping in that understanding, and one of the film's most satisfying aspects, are its roots in old-fashioned genre entertainment, albeit genre amped up to warp speed. Besides its science-fiction theme, Inception also has strong film noir ties, easily recognizable elements like the femme fatale, doomed love and the protagonist's fateful decision to take on "one last job."

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Dom (short for Dominick) Cobb, the leader of a crack team of "extractors" who are paid well by rival business and political leaders to drug the competition and steal their best, subconsciously inspired ideas. Watanabe's character, however, charges the group with the never-before-tried task of implanting an idea in the mind of his chief competitor's son and heir. This process is referred to as "inception."

From there, Nolan's seamless script twists and turns as it introduces other characters (including Cobb's father, played by Michael Caine, and an architectural student winningly portrayed by Juno's Ellen Page), explores multiple levels of consciousness, and uses impressive visual effects to literally turn reality in on itself. While I would love to read what a psychologist or dream analyst makes of Inception, it perfectly reflected my experience of the surreal figures and action that normally occur in recognizable settings within my dreams.

Of course, one is led to wonder throughout Inception exactly which characters' dreams are being played out, or if the whole movie might be a dream. This brain-teasing on the part of Nolan and his excellent cast (which also boasts great turns by Joseph-Gordon Levitt, Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard and the long-MIA Tom Berenger) never feels manipulative, gratefully. Rather, it feels natural, even organic given the subject matter. I detected enjoyably intentional nods to James Bond adventures, especially during the team's invasion of a snow-covered fortress in the mountains. Composer Hans Zimmer often seems to be knowingly channeling Bond score stalwart, John Barry.

Inception also reminded me in spots of the very effective, Martin Scorsese-directed thriller Shutter Island Shutter Island also benefited from a game, top-notch cast and crew.

Many critics are passionately, even vociferously, divided over Inception. It's been a while, though, since the critical community has had a large-scale debate over a movie. I think this isn't only a testament to Inception's high profile but to Nolan's complex, visionary achievement. See it, and feel free to weigh in here with your own reactions. Like dreams, movies can linger and haunt long after they're over. released earlier this year, and not just because DiCaprio stars in both films. Both play with their characters' and audiences' perceptions of reality and sanity, as well as the mental toll that loss and grief can take.

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