Sunday, 28 March 2010

What do you call a Mexican who has had his vehicle stolen?

Schumi's Secret Tagebuch: Race 1

Greets and greetings - you know here I am being tempted to write "tifosis" having done so for an incredible number of years, but quite honestly and obviously this is not appropriate now. 

So, we have had our first race for the Mercedes team and it is clear these young puppies mean business. People have asked me if I am disappointed after my first race back, as it were, in my saddle. No.
It was good news to hear in the week that one of my favourite race circuits, Monza will continue to present the Italian GP after Bernie put out some suggestions that it might go to Rome. When in Rome you are obliged to do as the Romans. So it would have been the tourist rip-off grand prix. They would also need to find a flat piece of road and I do not think there are any. 


I am administering a tease to you on this subject of not talking about my first race. It was good to fight at the front. It was good to be 6th and not 7th or 8th, because I believe the top four teams should consistently dominate the first eight positions. I would like to have beaten my team-mate, but I am more relieved that we have a good positioning base to work from. 

People have asked me if I like Nico Rosberg; what a question is that? He is like a young brother to me, like Ralf. But obviously better looking and more talented. And he doesn't have a half-crazy wife also. 

Talking about half-craziness, I am reading that Stefan GP are trying to buy USF1 so that they can use their GP entry and still start racing in 2010. Even though Jean has told them they are going to ask for new teams to apply all over again. They are beginning to become like the annoying kid that says to you: "can I have a go on your bike?" all the time and won't go away. 

When we were on the grid in Bahrain for the photo of the past champions he told me that they are about as welcome in F1 "as a wasp up my arse." And that is not a fun or interesting prospect. 

That reminds me. It is bad news this week that we have been asked to change the hole in our rear diffuser. Under regulations we are allowed to put a hole through it to allow a starter motor to start the engine - a very vital part of racing I think you will agree. The boffins had come up with a banana-shaped starter motor hole, which quite innocently gave us a tiny bit of aero advantage, not at all very much in the slightest, but now it has been banned. 

Let's hope the FIA don't spot the data capture cameras positioned on the inside of my new helmet. After qualifying, when the cars are parked together in parc ferme, you may notice I am free to wander over to other machines and look inside. What nobody realises is that I am holding my helmet which has twin cameras relaying data back to the Mercedes telemetry unit. From the Bahrain GP I was able to look inside the McLaren cockpit and ascertain that Jenson had scribbled 'Lewis sucks' on the inside. 

From the next race on, the FIA have persuaded all the FOTA teams to run the logo, 'Make Roads Safe'. I can tell you the one way to help that campaign is by banning journalists from hiring cars. They are all terrible drivers. They even make Liebelings Pudgie Wudgie Donut face look a bit talented. One good way to make roads safe would be to remove Jeremy Clarkson from them. He has no idea. He told me in rehearsals for his programme, Top Cat, that he has to drive everywhere with a lookalike. If he is stopped by police - which is usual - they swap places and the lookalike gets the penalty points. So there you have it, on that bombshell... 

Finally, to prove I am still enjoying myself back on the F1 grid here is my next joke for you to treasure:
What do you call a Mexican who has had his vehicle stolen?

To Australia!
Love and Kisses,
The Schum

Batasan Melayari Kebebasan Duniawi

DAKWAH itu adalah suatu pekerjaan yang membawa ummat kepada berfikir, beramal, khidmat dan taqwa kepada Allah SWT.

Apabila berdakwah, syariat agama sangat penting bagi mengelakkan dari fitnah dunia.Jangan sekali-kali mengamalkan tariqat [jalan untuk mencapai kebenaran], hakikat dan makrifat tanpa syariat.

Wadah agama dan kefahaman Islam itu adalah berbeza-beza bagi setiap individu, maka tidak perlu bertikam lidah kepada sesuatu perkara. Jadikan syariat Islam -Quran dan Sunnah- sebagai jalan penyelesaian.

Setiap kebebasan dunia itu perlu ada batasan padanya. Hati-hatilah menilai, muhasabah pagar kebebasan kita. Silap langkah, kebebasan itu akan menjadi pintu gerbang syaitan untuk menghancurkan kita.

Renung-renungkanlah dan selamat beramal!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Technical Review-Bahrain GP

Red Bull enjoyed a clear performance advantage in Bahrain but lacked reliability

  Last year the leading cars were often within a few hundredths of a second of each other. But in the first race of this year Fernando Alonso’s fastest lap was a second quicker than anyone else’s and the gap between pole sitter Sebastian Vettel fourth-placed Lewis Hamilton was 1.1 seconds.
How has this happened?
  The new season was billed as one for the ages. But the gulf between the top cars is wider than it has been for some time.

McLaren vs. Ferrari Design Philosophy

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Bahrain, 2010
  It was clear in testing that the old guard would make a comeback. What was less apparent was whether McLaren or Ferrari would have the upper hand. The first battle easily went to the Scuderia.
  It’s worth reflecting that McLaren and Ferrari took very contrasting design approaches to 2010 – or at least it appears that way. The McLaren technicians seem to be designing for peak downforce. It looks as though they sat down and tried to develop as many innovative schemes as possible to boost downforce. Hence we have the intricate beam wing diffuser, the F-duct, and the slot rear wing. These devices are all a downforce grab.
  In contrast Ferrari has taken a more subtle approach and has focused on end-to-end airflow. There are fewer obvious aerodynamic devices and the car has been designed to manage airflow from front to rear. This has a couple of implications. First is that the red car will generate downforce a lot more consistently. In that way it is similar to Red Bull from last year. Brawn generated its downforce from the double diffuser and aggressive front wing design but the RB5 had better front to back aero efficiency.
  Worryingly for the rest of the paddock this means that Ferrari have a strong platform to build on in the development arms race. The base car is so good it is likely that Ferrari engineers understand the aerodynamic characteristics intimately, which makes development a lot easier. McLaren engineers by contrast need to work from a more peaky base, which is harder. That is partly why Red Bull was able to out develop Brawn last year – the base car was more efficient.
  Let’s take a look at some of the aero innovations seen in Bahrain.

Snorkel (or F-duct)

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Bahrain, 2010  The snorkel starts with an opening at the top of the chassis where there is an air intake. The air runs through a tube, past the driver and vents through the engine cover and shark fin. The driver uses his knee to control whether the tube is open or closed. When the tube is closed air blows out over the rear wing which disrupts freestream airflow and reduces drag – this appears to be worth 5-6 kph on the straights. When the tube is open the air from the duct vents into the cockpit and has no effect on the wing allowing normal downforce levels for better cornering.
  The debate is whether the action of the driver constitutes a moveable aerodynamic device. Given that the driver is constantly in motion the ruling seems to be no. McLaren could have this straight line speed advantage for sometime. The monocoque is homologated, which means no changes can be made except for safety and reliability reasons.
  To make the F-duct work teams will likely need to drill a couple of holes in the monocoque which isn’t possible. While legal it will be interesting to see if the FIA outlaw this device for 2011 as it will lead to massive cost increases as teams focus on driving aerodynamic benefit through all manner of drive induced airflow interventions.


  As promised 2010 brought renewed diffuser controversy albeit on a far smaller scale than last year. A few teams, most notably McLaren and Mercedes, added a wider than necessary hole for their starter motors at the bottom of the diffuser. In previous years this was a genuine hole but now looks more slot like. This gave the diffuser another element which made increased downforce and made performance more consistent. Although not strictly illegal the FIA has issued a clarification restricting the starter holes to a predefined maximum dimension. These teams will be forced to make modifications for Australia but the matter isn’t significant enough to force an overall diffuser redesign.
  The McLaren diffuser is probably the most complex in the paddock and extends to the floor region around the rear tyres. Here there is a small duct to allow air to vent through the floor to the diffuser. In addition the diffuser itself consists of a series of planes that build up to the beam wing. In fact the top deck of the diffuser extends the width of the beam wing – effectively producing a multi-element aerodynamic device.
  The challenge teams face with a large, complex diffuser is to feed it with enough air to produce consistent downforce. The longer car allows a narrower coke-bottle zone which partly helps but if airflow separation occurs performance will drop off. It’s interesting to note that Ferrari and Red Bull, the two fastest cars at Bahrain, had among the simplest diffuser designs of the large teams.

Front wing and nose

  Front wing design in F1 is reasonably standardised among the teams although the variety in detail around cascades and endplates is astonishing. There are two board philosophies. McLaren have a long cascade extending from the end plate. On the Red Bull there are smaller cascades which stack more aggressively.
Jenson Button, McLaren, Bahrain, 2010   Renault opted to go the McLaren route and introduced its new front wing in the last Barcelona test and brought it to Bahrain. The extended cascade forms what is now a triple-element device and is ‘twisted’ for increased downforce. In addition the main plane is raised a few millimetres which reduces downforce but will give more consistent performance especially during cornering. There is a large gap between the second element and the endplate adjacent to the main plane to allow air to flow off the top of the front wing through the end plate. This is intended to interact with air on the outer part of the endplate to reduce drag from the tyres.
  Mercedes have gone the Red Bull route with shortened, stacked cascades. It also introduced a new nose that seems to integrate with a turning vane right at the front of the car. This forms and S-profile and is design to gently divert air towards the sidepods. Its a unique solution as diverting the air too early can result in undesirable air-tyre interactions which induce drag. In addition on the top of the nose new splitters were added to the v-nose to prevent air from spilling under the car. This will reduce lift on top of the chassis and should also enhance performance of the bargeboards as less turbulent air from the top of the car reaches them.

Rear wing

Rubens Barrichello, Williams, Bahrain, 2010
  The 2010 season has also seen innovation on the rear wing. Last year Sauber etched an additional small slot in the rear wing to help with downforce. This allows the angle of attack to be increased without creating stall. McLaren extended this concept with a slot across a much wider section of wing, effectively creating a three element device. Williams also adopted a similar slot for its rear wing.
  Expect to see a lot of development around the beam wing. As mentioned earlier some teams (McLaren especially) have elected to integrate the beam wing with bodywork from the diffuser. Force India has taken a different approach and has mounted a second beam wing ahead of the first. Although there are strict regulations about the number of rear wing elements the double decker diffuser loop hole has effectively created a ‘free’ zone in front of the wing where bodywork can extend and this is what Force India has exploited.


Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Fernando Alonso, 2010   A lot has been made of Red Bull’s revised exhaust positioning which is now below the rear suspension close to the floor. This is classic Adrian Newey, who experimented with using exhaust gases to blow the diffuser when he was at McLaren. A closer look shows that Red Bull has a slot open in the diffuser for the exhaust gasses to blow into. This will help energise flow through the top of the diffuser and produce more downforce from the diffuser.
  As drivers come off the throttle when cornering the exhaust gases do not provide consistent flow and this often disrupts the aerodynamics. As a result previous attempts to use the exhausts to feed the rear wing have been abandoned due to the inconsistent downforce produced. If other teams start copying Red Bull it will be a sign that Newey has solved yet another aerodynamic conundrum, although by placing the exhausts low down there is a higher risk that the rear brakes and tyres will overheat.
  Ferrari also had some innovative bodywork around the exhausts. The F10 appeared with three additional louvres, seemingly contravening the regulations which state that there may only be a single opening for the exhaust pipe. Ferrari has ingeniously created a thin slit originating from the exhaust that traverses each vent so complying with the single opening rule. It’s a neat solution to what is obviously an issue for the F10 given the amount of weaving Alonso was forced to do to cool his engine when following Vettel.
  For more details, click
SRi:Red Bull is ridiculously FAST!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

11 reasons to love the refuelling ban!! wiiieee

First of all, congratulation to Sebastien Vettel for a great pole position. I wish he will be the World Champion this year.

The F1 Sporting Working Group has been asked to come up with new ideas to “improve the show” in F1 in 2010. But the best decision to improve the show was taken this time last year. After 16 years, refuelling during the race is finally being banned. This will make F1 more exciting, easier to follow, less expensive and safer.
1. Qualifying will be more exciting
For the past few years whenever a driver pulled a quick lap out of the bag to snatch pole position the response was not “what a great lap” but “How much fuel has he got on board?”

This year when a driver hangs it all out and grabs the number one spot by a few thousandths we’ll know it’s because of what he got out of the car and not how little fuel was put in it.

The nay-sayers who insist it will lead to the fastest car always starting from pole position should pause to consider the last season in which we had proper low-fuel qualifying. Juan Pablo Montoya started from pole position seven times in 2002 – but never won a race.
2. Easier to compare drivers’ performances
With all drivers qualifying on low fuel we will be able to tell very easily who got the most out of their car over a single lap – especially between team mates. The tedious and contrived calculations about who did the best ‘fuel-adjusted’ lap will go in the bin.
3. Racing will be less artificial
Although knockout qualifying has brought an exciting dimension to Saturdays, it has created the strange phenomenon where drivers on row six can be better-placed strategically because they didn’t make it into the final ten and therefore have free reign on their fuel strategy.

In short, qualifying ninth or tenth can put you at a disadvantage compared to starting 11th or 12th. This artificial advantage will be neutered in 2010.
4. It will save the teams money
This is the main reason why refuelling is being axed – and it’s a sound one.

Lugging a pair of refuelling rigs per team around the world isn’t cheap, especially when there’s a bunch more new teams showing up.
5. No more fuel-saving means they’re flat out all the way
If the widespread use of in-car radio in F1 has shown us anything it’s that as soon as drivers get stuck behind a rival they concentrate more on trying to save fuel – and therefore pit later and more advantageously – than trying to overtake.

I doubt banning refuelling will lead to a lot more overtaking – that problem is more to do with the aerodynamic sensitivity of the cars and, to a lesser extent, track layouts.
6. Race strategy will be more interesting and exciting
Smart tyre strategy helped Schumacher win in 1993

Banning refuelling does not mean the death of race strategy. Instead, Grands Prix will have a strategic dimension which has more interesting consequences for the racing.

Now it will be all about which drivers can get through the race on a single tyre stop, nursing their car in the early stages on a heavy fuel load, and which ones have to make an extra stop. Already some commentators are talking up the chances of drivers who are kind to their tyres (like the current world champion) versus those who might not be (like the last one).
7. Fairer competition
F1 has never been properly set up for refuelling, in the modern era at least. F1 pits only permit one car to be serviced at any given time, forcing teams to run drivers on at least slightly different strategies.

So on occasions where the safety car has been deployed we have seen drivers’ races ruined because they had to queue up behind their team mate before they could take on fuel.

It’s disappointing no-one tried to fix this problem in the last 16 years, but at least it won’t matter any more now.
8. Harder for teams to favor one driver
There is no question there is always one fuel strategy that is superior to another – even if the difference is only a lap here or there.

Without refuelling it’s going to be a lot harder to have those “Team X always favours Driver Y” arguments in 2010.
9. More challenging for the drivers
No-one’s saying F1 is easy. But at the moment F1 drivers have to prepare their cars to work within a weight range of around 630kg to 700kg. That range will be roughly doubled this year, leaving them having to prepare cars that will handle radically different at the start of the race to the end, with lap times falling by around five seconds during the race.

That opens up a far greater scope for variety in set-ups, strategies and performance – not to mention potential for people to get things wrong and end up with a car that destroys its tyres at the beginning of a race or can’t get heat into them at the end.
10. More exciting pit stops
The pit stops that do happen will be brief, exciting bursts of energy as teams scramble to get four tyres off and on the cars as quickly as possible.

As refuelling almost always takes longer than a tyre change the pressure on the mechanics has been less severe in recent year.

But in 2010 how quickly they turn the car around will determine how little time their man loses. In 1993 Benetton whittled their best tyre change time down to a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it 3.2 seconds. Will any of the teams be able to top that this year? We will see.
11. Improved safety
Just as 16 years of development hasn’t stopped fuel rigs from failing, it also failed to weed out refuelling fires. There was a spate of fires at the Hungarian Grand Prix last year and more incidents this year too.

The trade-off for that is that cars will be carrying much more fuel at the start of a race, which is potentially an increased risk. However cars today are far less likely to catch fire on impact and marshals are much quicker at arriving on the scene than they used to be. On balance I suspect we’re better off this way.
But it will at least remove an incentive for a driver to sit back and not try to overtake, which can only be a good thing.
SRi:Lotus,don't make me down please..

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Dari sekolah lagi, nama abah lagi terkenal daripada nama SRi sendiri. Jika nampak atau bertegur sapa, pasti mereka [baca:cikgu-cikgu sekolah] akan sebut nama abah dahulu - then barulah mereka bakal t'recall apa nama saya. Lagi satu, orang selalu jerk tersalah eja nama SRi, tapi nama abah tak pernah [baca:jarang giler] le plaks salah eja. Abah kata Wan amek nama abah daripada kitab memana entah, tapi seriously - nama abah memang sangat special!ahaks

Nama bukanlah cuma berfungsi sebagai medium buat panggilan semata. Nama menunjukkan identiti- negara, bangsa, agama -kita. Sebabtu Nabi suh kita namakan anak-anak dengan nama yang baik sebabnya nama juga bertindak sebagai doa. Tambahan lagi- kita juga kenalah panggil seseorang tu dengan panggilan yang disenangi. Mane bulih maen panggil nama yang dia tak suka. Nabi tak suka, Allah lagi tak suka!

Harini SRi nak bercerita tentang Nama dan FACEBOOK! Rasenyea hampir semua orang ada Facebook masing-masing kan? Kalau kita nak buka akaun baru [baca:dulu-sebab skrg SRi xtaw la plaks mcmn] kita kena buboh nama "sebenar" kan. Makanya elok sungguhlah nama empunya facebook-pesbuk nie. Semuanya comey comey jah nama, siap bubuh bin binti lagi. Ok lah tue kan.. boleh elak daripada manusia-manusia nie bubuh nama yang entah hape-hape!

tapi yang jadi terkilannya bila kita buka tengok gambar-gambar yang ada dalam photo album tuh. Astagfirullah.. naek berdarah mata, hidung ni tengok! tersembul-sembul lah 'mereka' [amar! gua pinjam lu punye word neyh..haha] itu keluar menghidup udara segarr! mungkin sebab dah lemas sangat kot . ye laa, selame nie duk asyik kena men semunyik-semunyik jek. biasalah, name pon sekolah agama- mestilah kna tudung litup.. huhue

Mm, jika dilihat Nama tuan empunya "mereka" itu, toksah katalaa.. memang dah baik gila hah maksod dia! Kalau hang pi bukak Quran nue-tue dia hah-melambak bercambah-cambah nama dia kita duk baca jumpa-tapi kalau hang pi kerling tengok profile picture dia pulak~ ngaaaaa.. duk berpeluk sakan ngalahkan orang dah kawen tak cukop anak! huue~ tue tak campoq lagi yang duk bercium, men buat topless fashion, tiger show lagik! gilaakkss lho!!

mm,nasihat SRi:buang-buanglah gambar-gambar yang tak patut tue. kan comey kalau semua elok bertutup litup jah. yang laki nie pon kalau nak cari bin--besanya amek yang elok bertudung tutup sana sini. So, kalau boleh, toksahlaa nak menggedik ambik gambar macam tu-dunia sekarang nie bukannya makin selamat pon!  sekali hp lu, leptop hang terhambek orang~ ngaaaaaaaa... menangis tak suddaahlaa jawabnya! lagi satu-kalau dah gila nak BARAT sangat-jangan lupa sekali Baratkan sekali NAMA tue. nie duk buat rosak jah! dah lah buboh nama penoh abah plaks tue~ bertuah punya anak!

maybe kita dah privatekan album tu hanya untuk kekawan kita ja kan.. tapi tak semua kawan kita tu pandai jaga rahsia kita,juz mai suka-suka tengok jaa. banyak jah yang nakal terlebih bermurah hati pi rajin copy n paste-bagi semua orang kat dunia nie tengok sama! Dah banyak sangat dah  kot rasanya SRi  jumpa blog yang tampilkan gambar-gambar yang tak berapa nak sedap dilihat nie-source dia dari Facebook ngan Tweeter nie lah!

konklusinya-jangan buat kerja BODOH! yang dah amek, DELETE! yang bakal - BATAL kan jerk terus niat tuh!
SRi:Jangan buat benda yang boleh mengundang fitnah kepada agama

Friday, 5 March 2010

Reggae vs Metal

Sama hal nya dengan industri perfilemannya, dunia musik Indonesia pun dah semakin tenat. Tapi hari ni gua nak cerita tentang musik saja, tue pon sikit jaa. Kalau dulu pagi-pagi gua bangun terus ngadap tv sebab nak layan Inbox ke menatang pa lagi program musik kat tv tue pagi-pagi, sekarang dah malas dah! Sebabnya- lagu dorang dah TAK best! Video klip pon maken ntah hape hape takde wawasan langsung -Gua nak serius belajar sekarang! hahahha

Ok,nak di jadikan cerita,tengah sedap-sedap men tukar-tukar cenel dekat tv, terhentilaa gua dekat satu konsert nie. Waktu tu dorang baru nak start main. rambut bob marley habis. yang lain pun gaya reggae giler nak mati. tetibe kepung kepang keboom bang bang sana sini- NAH kow! hammek death metal.. Duk terlolong terleleng ke sane ke mari! GILA!! gua terkesima abes time tue. kalau sedap takpe jugak. Ni cam haram jerk gaye sekor-sekor. Macam budak tadika baru nak kenal music metal. Terus gua tukar cenel lain!hahaha

Btw, gua pun bukan orang baru dalam dunia death metal nie. Gua paling minat ngan Anorexia Nervosa, Theatres des Vampires, Dragonlord, Diablo Swing Orchestra n Trans-Siberian Orchestra sebab dorang nye music ala-ala symphony gittoe.. tapi,dun wory meyh, gua tak pernah le plaks bvat keja gila  sampai nak pergi layan konsert dorang, kang tak pepasal kena sepok tangkap basah ngan abg fuliis takpon jais gare-gare black metal. larikkkk!!

tapi kalau korang nak gi rasa, bagitaw r.. *cetz,sempat lagi nak sesatkan anak orang..hahaha* pakcik gua memang head banger punya orang!hehe *hopefully cuma takat music ja laa.. dia kata x pernah lagi buat kerja-kerja gila cam uncle tukul paku tuh*

Tapi tue laa, cara kita berpakaian merujuk kepada siapa kita. Cikgu selalu kata-1st impression is the most important thing especially kalau kita nak gi interview, nak start berinteraksi dengan tempat kerja baru, nak ngorat anak dara orang ke hapekebende yang lain yang sewaktu dengannya. So,jangan buat bende-bende pelik yang boleh sebabkan orang hilang keyakinan dan kepercayaan dekat kita! 

Mungkin ada yang berfikir,  buat apa fikir tentang orang lain? Payahlah asyik nak jage hati orang jerk. Mm,korang hengat korang best sangat r bleyh kate camtue? Hello boss. Hidup kita ni bermasyarakat, dalam Islam pon banyak cerita tentang persaudaraan dan ikatan silaturrahim. Jangan disebabkan ego yang bodoh tue - asyik nak tunjuk kepala sendiri, nanti last-last sekali korang gigit jari suddaa..hahahaha

Sama hal nya dengan band music nie. Yang duk dekat tengah-tengah biasanya dorang takde masalah. Depa cool, casual. Pakailah mende pape pon-orang tak kesah! Nie yang geng-geng yang dah identiti tersendiri cam nasyid, reggae ngan bapak-bapak kambing black metal nie-kalau silap attire-gile kow! Mau haru biru orang tengok! Guba korang bayangkan Saujana, Raihan tetiba pakai cam Slipknot, topeng cam haram tuh - duk bernasyid depan korang dekat konsert amal dekat padang depan mesjid! ngaaa~ tak ke cam harraam jadinya? sereeem euy!

Makanya, kalau kita gi majlis-majlis rasmi terutamanya, toksahla korang duk buat kerja gila nak bereksperimen gi pakai ala-ala gothic gittoe. dah raggae tue, reggae je laa.. nak metal, buat cara metal. ikut suasana babe. nie pergi masjid nak ngadap tuhan pon cam nak gi masok tangkap babi hutan, pecite boss?
SRi:bukan kipassussamati [V]India jerk ok!Gua Universal r..hihi

Thursday, 4 March 2010


*warning-please don't proceed your reading if you don't want to be spoiled when watching this megablockbuster movie*
1. Sila jangan bandingkan hasil 3D dan keunikan dunia fantasinya dengan Avatar-kalau tidak anda semua akan kecewa akhirnya.
2. In Burton’s film Alice is now a 19-year-old girl-who has forgotten bout her childhood journey into Underland aka ‘Wonderland’ and once more takes a trip down the rabbit-hole after ducking out on an engagement proposal dat has been carefully arranged for her.
3. On diz sequel, Alice embarks on a fantastical journey to find her true destiny n end the Red Queen’s reign of terror by killing the monstrous Jabberwock.
4. The main problem with Burton’s film is dat there is too much story when there shud have been very little. I didn't feel tense when it comes to climax.haihlaaa~
5. He introduces the majority of the characters within the 1st 10 minutes of Alice arriving in Underland. Maybe dia ingat doz characters cam the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and Tweedledee and Tweedledum are iconic enough kot. So, he did not have to introduce them separately. sigh
5. Untuk filem yang se-ikon Alice, rasanya 108 minit tak cukup untuk ceritakan semuanya apatah lagi episod pertamanya dah lama sangat kut keluar. Makanya, disebabkan masa tak cukup-cerita jadi agak melompat-lompat katak sedikit.
6. For casting-I prefer an adorable doll like Dakota Fanning rather not-so-well-known Mia Wasikowska and maybe they should try to find another actress to replace Anne Hathaway! Tak sesuai sangatlah dia jadi White Queen.. huhue
7. Skrip cambest! Pemilihan kata terutamanya yang terucapkan dek The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) memang layan.
8. Konklusinya, ceritani takdelaa best sangat pon!hihi 

SRi:3D cuma hanya ada di Ciwalk saja.PVJ ngah renovate.. 

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

sehidup semati?gulp

sori..gua nak idop same-same jerk dengan lu~mati sama-sama, gua takmaw! gua angkat tangan awal-awal.. lu nak mati, jangan ajak gua! gua takot!
lu pikir balik betol-betol! selalunye kalau mati same-same nie-mesti kena bunuh, kemalangan, kebakaran, kene baham denosor dll yang mengerikan! perg, gile pe lu maw mati macam tu? tak maw ah! siyyes.. gua sanggup idop same-same jek dengan lu! kalau lu maw ajak gua mati same-same.. lu gi cari orang lain r! gua bukan orangnya. sori

dibuatnya gua x sempat ngucap camna? belom papehal. gua dah kiok! perg,nyesal babe.. tue lu tak kira lagi orang otopsi badan gua. silap-silap penjahat tu amek organ gua bagi anjing makan, buat cissbeger! ngaaa sereem siout.. kalau dia sedekah dekat budak-bdak medik takpe gak.. sekurang-kurangnya cerahlaa sikit kut kubur gua nanti. maybe~

papehal,gua cakap lagi sekali!siyyes gua takmaw mati same-same.. bubye
SRi:Setiap yang bernyawa pasti kan merasai mati.ahaks
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