Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Sri currently listening to Mawi’s Allah Habeebi and don't know where to slot this type of music but Sri would say it is Middle Eastern. Most of the songs not really nasheed, but the album retains some of that in a few numbers. I think Mawi is following his sifu, M Nasir, as M Nasir has been consistent in producing and running songs with ’spiritualistic’ undertones.

Perhaps Yasin is an influence too. Yasin’s work has evolved in recent years and one should notice that his new songs are now riches with Middle Eastern influence. But, overall, Allah Habeebi is an ethnic creative album loaded with some good-to-the-ear songs. A soul searching album, perhaps.

At last, a credible soul searching ethnic creative album to the standard of Pak Ngah or M Nasir’s composition. It is an A-list composer-producer album as well: M Nasir, Yasin, KRU, Farihin. As well as, live music background. Excellent quality musical arrangement.

Btw, Sri don't expect that any of Mawi’s songs in this album will hit the local Top Chart. Conservatively, three songs might hit local charts: Allah Habeebi, the first number, lyric by Yasin, song by Farihin and Sujud feat. KRU, lyric and song by Edry KRU and last Serulah Namanya song by M Nasir, lyric by Ad Samad. Positively, Allah Habeebi might hit TV3’s Juara Lagu 2009 in the ethnic creative category and of course might win. Sujud feat. KRU might hit its pop category, but that category is so competitive with the Bapocs’ clan and others.. hahaha

Seroja - traditionally popular folk tune. The musical arrangement is modern, quite different from the original one. Frankly, Sri prefer the old one because more catchy and faster beat. Mm,Serulah Namanya is a mysterious in terms of musical arrangement but not the lyrics. A kind of song that you need to listen it over and over again. M Nasir vintage.

Teman Hakiki is an interesting slow number and wow, the lyric is composed by Dr Mohd Asri & Sheikh Qalam. Dr Mohd Asri is/was Mufti of the state of Perlis. Tola’al Badru A'laina feat Brothers and Wal-Asri are Islamic tunes. Great attempts. Hijab is probably the worst starting song in this album, but I love the chorus. Same kind like Serulah Namanya, you need to listen it again and again.

Vocal performance, some variety. Anyway, Sri do not know much about music, but most of Mawi’s vocal is high note, except Seroja. Musical arrangement as mentioned above is superb. Keep good momentum! Perhaps, all music lovers will 'layan' this album.

Star rating for Mawi’s Allah Habeebi:

Allah Habeebi 5
Hijab 3.5
Tola’al Badru Alaina feat. Brothers 3.5
Serulah Namanya 4
Sujud feat. KRU 5
Wal-Asri 3
Teman Hakiki 4
Seroja 3

SRi : Supportlah local artists, IC kita pun tempatan kan!! [*o*]V

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