Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Tumse Na Jaane Kyun...

How should I tell you why I love you?
I can’t even if I try
My eyes express the feelings of my heart
But You don’t realize it
We couldn’t unite even after meeting. God knows why
We are miles apart. God knows why
There are strange circumstances. God knows why
My dreams are woven around you. God knows why

You don’t realize it
You don’t realize it
I’ve said a lot to you in my thoughts.
But I couldn’t say it in front of you.
You weren’t a stranger to me…
..but you couldn’t even be mine
I feel regret, even this heart cries.
But yet this crazy weaves dreams.
I have become mad and keep thinking...
Why did I meet you after all?

There are miles of distance exist between us... for what reason?
There are strange circumstances... for what reason?
My dreams are woven around you... for what reason?

I’ve said a lot to you in my thoughts
But I couldn’t say it in front of you...


  1. i wanna my lovely katrina BACK!!! hahahaha

  2. aiyaaaak!!!
    kuch2 hota hai...
    syabbas mera betha!!!

    .:: jiwang pulak dh...kya hua??

  3. syabbasss mende nyea? tengah saket jiwa nie..hahahha *sjak bile aQ jd anak mung?*

    tu jaane naa..tu jaane naa

  4. lorgh...sensitip pulak dh...sejak bile xley nk gurau laaak ni??isk3..sob3
    **yelaaaa tukar2...mere jaaan..puas at??muaahahahahaha

    tumne kya kiya??
    tu jaane naa...tu jaane na...
    mein kya karoon??
    are kyu hai???
    bollo na...

  5. hahhahaha. men2 je laa~man man sudeeyh! X)

    notin hepen mey..saje mgedix!! :P

  6. SEeeeeeeeee...
    u'll alwiz like that...
    ko nye men2 ngn man2 tu xley d prcayai...
    ko mmg gedix pon...
    are bollo na...
    cmni laaa ko...
    b'rahsia2 dgn aku...
    lupe laaa tu janji2 ko..hihi(ade ke??kueng3)


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