Sunday, 15 May 2011

KOREAN CUISINE@Food Junction, Midvelley

Ever wonder where to find korean food??? Then wonder no more....cewah...hahahhaha There's a food court in Mid valley that offer a variety of food from nasi kandar to nasi campur to japanese food. Usually I eat sizzling when I'm there but then one day my friend introduce me to the korean food, I've been in love ever since....<3.. Located on the 3rd floor of Mid Valley, the name is Food Junction. Just go to the korean cuisine stall and check out their menu. I had Chicken  Bi Bim Bap (RM13.90) which is Korean mix rice with a lot of vege (timun, carrot, cendawan, taugeh and 'green lefy vege that i forgot what it is'). They served it with seaweed soup.

Chicken Bi Bim Bap

They offer a lot of other stuff like Dukbokki (Spicy Rice Cake), Ramyun, and Korean Pancake. Just check it out for yourself whenever you're there.

My friend had a Japanese dish. Got skewered sausage, chicken and saba fish. Served with rice,miso soup and  cabbage salad.

 There's a lot of good food here at the Food Junction food court just try them and have fun doing it, if doesn't  suited with your taste then reject it and move on to the next menu next time....^_^

ps: craving for mee bandung muor rite now!...poskan please.... >_<


  1. gambar y soungguh menggoDa..MooD lapOr kembali~

  2. waduh2 enak bnyak makanannyer....bla kamu plg ke malaysia....enggak dbilang sama aku pon....haha

  3. Ni laaah die suspek utama pnyebab allergic den nih (dtujukn kpd dukbokki)...mcm2 peta wujud kt 1 bdn..dlm ms bape sec mam...horror haih...
    tp cm xpuas at...jom pg wat xperimen skali lg...huhu
    aku ready antihistamine t'kuat skali....huhu


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