Saturday, 26 March 2011

107% rule SUCK!

1. Why must FIA bring back a rule which would only serve to make life even harder for the sport’s most vulnerable teams?

2. The 107% rule, which prevented any driver who failed to qualify within 107% of the pole sitter’s time from starting the race, was dropped at the end of 2002

3. The 107% rule is a bad rule. It harms the sport and it harms small teams like Hispania for whom every minute of track running and every second of television exposure they can get is precious.

4. Throwing them out of a race weekend when they’ve already gone to the huge expense of flying to Australia or Malaysia only makes it even harder for them to compete in the future.

5. If the FIA really wants to stop cars that are too slow from competing then it should be done without forcing the teams to fly their cars halfway around the world first. They could hold a pre-season qualification test to make sure all the cars can lap within a certain time of each other

6. A snobbish attitude to new teams which aren’t on the pace yet does F1 no favors.

7. An important part of racing is having to share a track with other cars and finding ways to get around them. It’s an area where F1 is hardly excelling at the moment.

1 comment:

  1. " 6. A snobbish attitude to new teams which aren’t on the pace yet does F1 no favors".

    it does a lot of favor apa. maintain the quality, preserve the resource and etc. =P


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