Sunday, 13 June 2010

A-Team definitely an A-Film

Unlike the somnolent Robin Hood, the tepid Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time or even the schizophrenic Iron Man 2, this at least has some inkling how to keep the adrenaline pumping.

This new film is occasionally cheesy in its own way, but it’s also far smarter than the series ever was.

The movie starts in Mexico, with the team dispersed across the country. The A-Team first reunites in memorable Mexican fashion and then jumps forward several years to Green Zone in Iraq, where Hannibal [Liam Neeson-original actor] and co. are dispatched on a mission to take down a couple of counterfeiting thugs who are smuggling out of Baghdad the metal plates needed to print untold quantities of American dollars. 

The A-Team is ready to rock—make that impatient. This sweaty, happy cartoon spectacle can’t stay still, for better and worse. The fights are chopped into a blur of fists and snaps, the smiles stay big, and as soon as Colonel Hannibal Smith announces that he’s got a plan, we see it unfold in the future, as though the film simply can’t handle it’s own suspense. It’s a summer rollercoaster and a fine one, heavy on biceps and aggression and—crucially—the zinging chemistry between its four leads. 

They’ve all been smartly cast: Neeson’s intelligence crackles across his face like desert lightning; Sharlto Copley’s lunatic Murdock argues that the South African star of District 9 might pull off a Hollywood character actor career, Bradley Cooper remains charming and cocky and UFC champ Quentin “Rampage” Jackson makes B.A. Baracus a teddy bear with bite. He’s got the right energy and the camera likes him well enough, but this isn’t yet his break out performance—for one, he smashes all his words together when he talks. 

Regarding the cast, all four of the stars do a great job with their characters, adding an impressive zing to both their dialogue and the action scenes. Cooper is particularly good, however, as his Faceman not only has to be funny and daring, but also has some solid romantic tension with a female Army officer [Jessica Biel] who once shared a romance with him but is now out to bring them down when she’s misled to believe the Team are the bad guys.

Overall, “The A-Team” movie is so incredibly good in its spectacular center that it overcomes its shoddy opening and end climax to still be well worth the price of admission. I would pity the fool who missed out on the tank scene in particular.

SRi:Always missed A-Team series because the show was too late to stay up-esok sekolah maa~


  1. tak ingat la a-team ni. ada eh masa kecik2?

  2. eyh...ade~dia seangkatan dgn series knight rider,airwolf,mc gyver.kire kalau dulu duk layan cite2 tue malam2..mesti pernah t'layan jga cite nie sekali.
    p/s:B A Bracus kalau tgk dalam series tue-penuh dia gantung bling2 dkat leher dia-tapi dlm muvie ni- xdekle plaks-just rambut mohawk dia jek yg stil identik. X)

  3. saye bagi 8 star!!besh!besh!!besh =)

  4. kaannnn???sangaat bessst kan?hahahhaha

    p/s:momoe.u shud watch it laa momoe kat sane.haha

  5. dah tengok dah hari ni. mmg best! tak rugi tengok 2 kali kat cinema. haha :P

  6. howyeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!terbayyek laa momoe chan... X)


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