Thursday, 10 June 2010

Less Sex in the City 2

If you haven't heard of Sex and the City then you must have been living in a rock for the past decade or so. It was and still is one of the most beloved shows to ever come out of the boob tube - scandals and all. In 2008, the Sex and the City saga continued four years after the television series ended. Missing pieces from the series were finally revealed and the biggest questions answered. Now in 2010, the saga continues once more with Sex and the City 2. The girls have new challenges to face in connection with marriage, motherhood and more.

The girls of Sex and the City are back. We see their lives two years after the events of the first film. Miranda [Cynthia Nixon] has finally moved on from her husband's infidelity but she is now struggling to live a balanced life for her family with a dream job that has turned into a nightmare. Charlotte [Kristin Davis] on the other hand is having a hard time dealing with her two young daughters. Worse, she is afraid that her husband might cheat on her with their hired bra-less-nanny. Samantha [Kim Cattrall] is still the same Samantha but she is trying to slow down the aging process with various vitamins and hormone creams. Carrie [Sarah Jessica Parker] is also having a hard time with her marriage. Mr. Big [Chris Noth] is more interested in staying at home and sitting at the couch to watch television than going out. Things change when Samantha gets a big break and gets a free trip to Abu Dhabi. She gets the others to join her for a week long trip. Can they finally fix their troubles in a foreign country?
Sex and the City 2 still uses the same successful formula it has used for years. Playing it safe may alienate non-fans but it will definitely astound the huge following it has accumulated throughout the years. Beyond that, Sex and the City 2 is not only about flash, sex and glamour - it brings a lot, lot more into the table. 

What I liked about Sex and the City 2 is that it has learned to move on from the series. I guess this comes with the first film already tying up the loose knots from the series. Now, the second film develops story lines that make more sense and more down-to-earth. We really liked how it tackles the whole concept of marriage as a whole from having children, opting not to have children and how to balance family life with work.

There were moments that still seem to be a bit unnecessary but what can you expect from a Sex and the City film? It has its unique narrative style which you won't find in any other movie. These scenes did prolong the movie by a lot so this can tick some people off. As for the comedic part, the film truly succeeds. The lines are witty and people will love Samantha's antics and quips as usual. The whole cinema was laughing in unison! Of course, we cannot just ignore the girl's fabulous outfits! Seeing the clothes may even be worth your time already. 

Overall, the second film is lighter than the first and brings more substance into the series. Fans should watch this but those who have never seen the show might want to be on the cautious side. 


  1. 4 bintang?? ank tonton!! waaaaaaaaaaa
    cepat la habis exam T_T

  2. siyyess BEST!!Kire utk summer nih*sbab dah x brape nak ujan daa kan*ehe*memang sex n d ct ngan a team r ctte yg paling mgumbira-puaskan ati aku yg kosong nie lah!! memang harus masuk dlm skim wajeeb tonton ah dua citte nih! WOHA~


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