Sunday, 28 June 2009

Drag Me To Hell

*warning-please don't proceed your reading if you don't want to be spoiled when watching this megablockbuster movie*
Opening-4.5 stars
Pembinaan Plot-5stars
Teknik penceritaan-4.5stars
Penstrukturan watak-4.5stars

Drag Me To Hell is a redemption “frighfest” present by Sam Raimi after his disappointed performance in Spider-man 3! He sets its audience an ethical question that, in these recessionary times, many of us will already have been debating: should financial organizations lend money to people they know will default?

If the answer is NO, consider the situation in which Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) finds herself. She’s a young, diligent loan officer working in a Los Angeles bank who is hoping to be promoted to Assistant Manager.

More info? Try to find it at nearest cinema!

Briefly, this movie twists and turns all the time. The plot is very simple, but it does a lot of things you don’t expect or normally see in movies. It’s so refreshing to see something so original.

10 Things I Liked

10. Justin Long and his iPhone
I love to see Dc at UNPAD with sophisticated gadget. So, obviously “Professor” Clay (Justin Long) is included in the list with his material modern style thinking!
9. Some of the Humor
I don’t mind some humor in horror movie, its fun. There were plenty of s
illy things worked in Sumpah [Ini] Pocong too!hihi
8. The Sound
This isn’t a film where you cover your eyes (or at least, you cover them a few seconds too late as he hits us with yet another gross-out gag) but one where you cover your ears because this is a sound design where if you’re not listening to it turned up to full volume, you’re missing out on the experience. Raimi’s either trying to make you go deaf, piss yourself in fear, or pull out a big belly laugh at the complete insanity and absurdity before you
7. Shadows
I liked the way the demon was shown through shadows and his goat-like design was cool. Maybe this is what “Black Metal” followers imag
6. Blood Spray
The scene where Christine’s nose starts gushing blood was a good example of silly, bloody gore laughs. Even it is looked too nonsense, but it’s damn freaking if you see your desk full with your own blood!

5. Here kitty, kitty
Will you KILL your lovely cat that always be your FRIEND when you are alone and lonely to save your LIFE? I loooike..
4. Dead kid
If you are one of my family member, you’ll know what is my answer if you ask what is the best part of the movie-simply I’ll said- DEATH! And the film starts off right by sending a mostly innocent young child to hell, where he will burn for all eternity. Hell yeah, I’m lovin it!!

3. Alison Lohman
Not sexy hot, but very next door cute..*ouch* Btw,Allison Lohman gives a g
reat performance. As well as the sarcastic Justin Long. But the best performance goes to the old Gypsy. Who is scary as hell! She should really win best villain next year at the MTV Movie Awards!
2. Talking Goat
Hahaha.. I love this scene! Suddenly I’m remembered the innocent goat from Stardust that have been spelled to be a stupid "donkey" man..
1.Blood Free
It's good to see a horror movie for once that doesn't rely on blood and guts and excessive violence and torture! This film really delivers genuine scares and shocks without it being boring.

5 Things I Didn’t

Why must she rides Toyota Prius? Is there any agreement between
Prius and Hollywood producer? I've always find movie with Prius in it. Are there no more others "stylo" hybrid out there than Prius?
4. The Script
I had a lot of issues with the script, actually, some of which will be covered in their own points. But there were some parts that just didn’t flow seamlessly. One example – we see Christine can’t get the money to pay for the exorcism (or whatever) and then Clay reveals he already paid for it – but no one told him about it. Second, if Christine is lactose intolerant, how did 2 ice cream sundaes and a half-gallon of chocolate ice cream not give her absolutely abnormal symptoms? Please laa, medical students also enjoy their life. Thirdly – there are no scares in the script, only forced jump scares through audio cues. This movie didn’t scare you too much, it is more to told you when to scream.
3. Utter Stupidity of the Characters
The helper during the séance is a complete and utter tool bag. First, why bring a machete to the table to kill a demon? I would pick a shotgun. Second, all he had to do was kill a damn goat but he got outsmarted by a demon goat. It was tied to a table! The only way to screw that up was to cut the goat loose and? Yupz, you can guess what happened next. Third, if your entire immortal existence depended on getting rid of the button, would you not just double check to make sure you were getting rid of the button and not say, a coin or an empty envelope? I mean, seriously. Your immortal soul is on the line here.
2. Vomit
Come on, man. What the hell? The old woman manages to throw up on Christine like 4 or 5 times. We get it, Sam, you think it’s funny, I think it’s repetitive and disgusting. *yucks* Where was the horror, again? And some of the special effects were really cheesy. I wish movie director would stop relying so much on all this CGI! It really ruins movies!
1. The Ending
Basically this innocent girl does everything in her power and chooses to do the right things at the end and still goes to HELL for ETERNITY. Let’s be honest – the gypsy woman is a thieving bitch. She stole a whole tray of candies from the bank desk. She failed to pay her mortgage and had two extensions already. She claims all this economic hardship, but clearly her extended gypsy family has enough money to throw a big party after her death. And don’t we think she over reacted? I mean, losing a house and having to live with your close knit family versus going to HELL for ETERNITY. Christine didn’t even do the “wrong” thing by denying the extension. They were already kind to this woman twice over. She did the right thing by not passing the button off on some stranger.
SRi:Poqak telingo den!*Ya Allah,panjang giloo post kali nie!*


  1. aah..
    pjg gile post..
    99.99999% bi lak tu..
    penat aku selak kamus aku..haha

    psl tarik rmbut, tak best ke? tu kan saket tuu..asyk kne tarik rmbut je..hahaha

    deaf.pekak.creepy..*no need to say more*

  2. huhuhue..korg memg suke men rambot2 eyh??klu tgk resling pon,konpem men tarek2 rambot juga! *dh laa sexy giler..tbakaw matoo den!!hahaha*

    mm,nak bt cemana..source jalan cite pon dh bi- so,better make it in english ajelaa mudah.. sebbek ade kamus dwibahse sasbadi nie..klu x?? hihi

    mm,deaf ngan pekak bende yg laen eyh? ko ko tolg transletkan?? hehe

  3. WTH???? 4.4...better than transformer is it??...aish...xleh trime btul...hahaha ;p

  4. dh rambut je sng nk attack...hahaha...
    deaf n pekak tu sama mksd..
    cume nk tegaskan maaa..tu yg ulang due kali..
    mmg pekak aa..takleh blahhh pnye pekak...

    tp aku wonder..cb kalau bl tgk cite ni, aku tertido..haha..aku hebat aa kalau cmtu..kan3?

  5. bukan hebat,ko dah pekak time tue!!org normel xmampu nak tidoo dengan munyik2 mrentap jiwe sdemikian.. hahahhaaha

    *aku tgk transformers kali k2,bsengkang mate xmoo tidoo..xtaw le pesal aku rase ngantok sgt.. kurang tidoo kut? xpon sbb penat bjalan..
    *SRi-malas nk log out~

  6. malas log out gune org pnye...eee..tak malu..hahahha

    takde laa..bunyi cm tu aa cm lullaby aku suh tido..muahahahah..*gelak angkuh*

  7. 1.actually, she lied about being lactose-intolerant bcz she was fat n huge when she was younger..
    so to avoid eating icecream, and all those fattening food, and no to let justin knows that she was once fat,she told justin long that she's LI..
    that's why there were photos of her being in fat moments..
    i means, there were relations..

    2. machete was used as this ritual is sacred and traditional..zaman dulu tade pakai shotgun, paka pedang, parang, those things..

    i think.. :)

  8. Balqis-yea yeaa..saye sungguh dpt memahami & mrasai kebenaran di sebalik ayat2 anda tsebut.. hihi

    hencek/cik tnpa nama-waa!!rilly ah??xperasan laks kamera focus to her "black" ages photos.. thanx for nice explainatn!huh,logik r klu mcmtue storyline bliaw...

    mm,about d ritual- i'm agree with u (yg atas tue x rase2nye mane2 bomoh pun x tPk..maen2 jerk~hihi)but seriously-i dun think machete is the most preferable to kill the demon goat.. better they use pedang or parang panjang than that cute machete..tapi the most important here actually nop the weapon we use, but who is the medium we assigned to kill the demon!! totally screw d ritual lei! huhue

  9. ooo aku baru nak tengok cite ni hari ni tapi kena self-quarantine pulak.
    aku akan tengok jugak nanti.

  10. hohooooe..kenapekah??btw,layaan r cite nie!
    dah lama aku x selayan ini melayan cite seram seseram ini!hihi


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