Thursday, 25 June 2009

Transformers:Revenge of The Fallen

*warning-please don't proceed your reading if you don't want to be spoiled when watching this megablockbuster movie*
Opening-4.0 stars
Pembinaan Plot-4stars
Teknik penceritaan-3.5stars
Penstrukturan watak-3stars

Technically, of course, the movie represents state-of-the-art CGI overkill, with metallic behemoths that roar and unpack themselves and leap tall buildings and are forever smashing the masonry. They’re visually astonishing and ultimately exhausting. All Bay knows is the action that never stops, the detonations that reach orgasmically ever higher, the chase scenes that build and crash and build some more.

So what if he can’t put a coherent series of shots together? Bay’s going for pure sensation, and everyone knows dramatic continuity is for women and the weak. The plot is incomprehensible. The dialog of the Autobots, Deceptibots and Otherbots is meaningless word flap. Racist, their ["Africans" one] appearance looks like junkyard throw-up. They are dumb as a rock. They share the film with human characters who are much more interesting, and that is very faint praise indeed.

The only thing in this film that even approaches cleverness and care in writing is the subtle jab at Barack Obama [writing him as a crap who almost kicks the Autobots off the planet - thus making him a far more credible threat than either Megatron or The]

We get to see what a Michael Bay Species movie would be like thanks to an inexplicable Decepticon in Human Disguise. Now tell me, if they could be human beings, wouldn't it make more sense to hide AS THEM? Not cars or boom boxes and portable toilets?hihi

Why do the Decepticons bring Sam's family to EGYPT and said it was a trap?? I don’t see Sam been caught after his parents been released! Mm, if they ask for “ransom” from Sam during “live telecast”, I think its better!

How that Megan Fox's character manages to stay perfectly oily and with perfect makeup through hundreds explosions where thousands of pounds of debris blast in and around her? aisyioo~

Why is China suddenly cool enough with the US that they allow it to operate freely, heavily armed, and in large numbers within its borders? And they're suddenly cool enough with the US that they allow them into their airspace to airdrop semi trucks?

Where is Egyptians when the Jordanians fight the evil robot?Why US Navy not continuously use their magical laser blaster since it working? hadoyhlaaa~

Is there NO “Pyramid Freaks” on that day? Is it Egypt is hypnotized sleep all over day?? No press, no army until US should send their own predator to view the situation!

Huh, the Allspark? What was that about? The Quintessons created the transformers the autobots as builders and engineers and the decepticons and guards and soldiers. They rebelled against their creators and took over cybertron but soon the opposing natures of the two machine races lead to war as the decepticons wanted to wage a war of conquest across the universe the autobots want to spread knowledge and enlightenment across the universe.

The resulting war uses all the available energy in cybertron's solar system and so the decepticons set out to find more energy the autobots follow them and the resulting space battle leads to the leaders and entourage of both races crashing on earth millions of years ago. Then both races are awakened in our time and the fight begins again.

Sounds like a much better backstory then that Allspark stuff doesn't it? Well that's cause it’s the original story. So, I think they better substitute Bay’s line with Transformers Freaks director crews after this!

Hopefully after this they give more action, robot destruction and as little attempts at depth as possible and very little human drama. I want to see complicated autobots with supergiga weapon, bombing and DEATH!!! Basically, this movie’s ending is better than the first one but for plot it is much more better than this time!
SRi:Exhilarating or excruciating, depending on your point of view..


  1. bagi aku 5 bintang..sebab tiket free....hehe

  2. How that Megan Fox's character manages to stay perfectly oily and with perfect makeup through hundreds explosions where thousands of pounds of debris blast in and around her? aisyioo~
    ~gunakan lah annasui..hahaha~

    wah!! 3.8?? aku tak sgka skit sgt..
    aku bg perfect bintang kt cite tu..hehehe

    nway, wpon ape ko taip atas ni cm logik gak, tp dh sbb aku suke, tak nmpk cela nye pon..hehe

    n aku sgt suke bile sam pgl bumlebee, bee..rese sgt cute! haha

  3. houh,dah xbleyh blanja hg dah nie!penilaian hg jatoh mrudum merosot gara2 tiket free!haha

    wohohohoooe..rilly hah?den pon nak pakai annasui jgak r lpasnie!! konpem lalu dkt gerbang tue xdak dobu2 lokat2 lg dah! ngahhahahaha [plastik gilo!huhue]

    well,they have 2years to give improvement to all character-but yg jd powerful sket only optimus jerk,yg lain still d same old brand one
    jln cerita pun byk lopong2 yg leh di isi lagi

    aku rase dia cute bile time bumblebee tue nangeh jah!hahahha

  4. optimus jd power pon sbb amk parts jetfire..
    decepticons yg murtad..hahahaha...

    wah..cara ckp cm leh jd director je..
    kalu btol jd, aku watak utama tau..
    hero mesti kacak cm ropol..muahahaha

  5. yupz!tepat sekali!!xsabaw bbnow den biloo laa beliaw nak pasang kotak treller kat belakang tuh!capeyk deh

    bal,ko pasan x yg decepticon kt china yg brubah drpd bekho tuh?mane dia dpt tayar besaw tue hah? aku rasa mcm tayar asal dia tuh yg cam kereta besa tuh..

    mm,aku reti kritik jerk..xleh nak bt!sbb klu aku bt confirm sgt panjang cerita dia..
    [huh,xtawlaa nk join film maisen tue ke x?? aku bab2 mubi nie cam perfectionist sket-klu join-konpem x sama dgn apa yg aku harapkan even aku yg jd org ttinggi dia!hadoihlaa dilema..dilemaa...hahahhaha

  6. tatau la atok..
    mmg btol la ckp mu..
    kalu perhatu byk celanye..
    tp dh suke kan, aku tak tepikir pon..
    satu je aku cm pelik..
    cmne lak robot tu jd pompn goda2 sam..
    yg len sume keta..

    oh..maisen..dilema?? g dgr lagu nelly..hahaa

  7. hahhahaa... i x minat nelly,video klip dia sexy sgt!ahaks

    yaa..den pon sbnanyea xdeklaa smpi xsuke sbb nie antara muvie yg paling dtunggu2 kan..tpi-hadehlaa,traselaa jugak kuciwanyea~sob3

  8. Assalamualaikum~

    aku setoju dgn setiap kritikan kerabat astana terhadap filem transfomers y ke-2 ni..

    kurang logic skit..
    kurang cow..
    script pon meaningless..

    1st movie is better..

  9. waalaikumussalam

    thanQ encik 3rdmarch atas kesepakatan mindanya

    yupz,setuju!1st movie is better!! *juz ending jah bikin gua panasss..haha*

  10. asal lu panas ngan ending dia?

  11. aisyioo bro-lu tgk cerita dia lawan2 bagai nak, lari sana, lari sini..n then,tiba2 ending dia u juz put dat magical cube into megatron chest..
    helloo,klu nak bubuh pon,dun laa mudah sgt mcmtue.. huhue
    ko phm x mksd aku nie, pndek kate-bglaa ending dia complicated sket, nie mcm nk potong cerite laks, bajet dh tlebeyh-
    oowh,kite nye bajet dh lebih laa uncle bay- i think ah, kite bt mcmnie ajelaa.. u punye ending tue kite simpan utk nex programlaa.. hahahaha

  12. ssh btol nk puaskan hati org seni ni..sume tak kene..hahahaha

    aku tgk transformers, again..
    bl compare ngn ape ko tulis atas ni, rase plak tak bestnye..
    wpon tetap best, rasa la tak best..
    tp tetap best..tak best sket byk..
    *tak paham?? angguk je laa*

  13. hahahhaha..dun laa said like dat~sedeeyh taw =P

    owh yeah?me too!!yesterday at ciwalk!u noe wut,durg he throw party 1st dey dia kt kolej tue-klu ko prasan-dia nye aer time tgh2 ckp ngan "Species" tuh-aer hijo dia dlm gelas tue kejap penoh,kejap tggal sket,pastu penoh balik! hihi

    xtaw le samada sbb tgk layar besaw giler atau ape-suddenly den raso mcm tgk katun laks- dia nye CGI dia nmpk cam kurg bkualiti laks especialy time they fight at the forest tuh! huhue~

  14. mak aih..tu pon ko perhati ke?
    ade org tambah..cmni2..

    kan pompn tu dgn menggodanyaaa tolak sam kt kaunter air tu kan..pastu air tu cm tumpah sket..
    pastu laki yg sediakan air tu, die nmpk, die tuang laa sket air dlm cwn sam tu..
    haa..ok tak?? hehe

  15. ohohoooe..kate nak jd pkritik profesional~knala kasi detel2 sket pmerhatiannya...hihi
    *abehlaa sape jd bini@awex gue nnti-serbe serebi di ngomennyea...hehe* *bajet dia perfek sgt r tuh*

    mm,klu x salah aku aer tue buboh,xdekle plaks brader yg tolong ngisi2kan... wallahua'laam~

    SRi:Maleh nk kluo lagi~

  16. betol3..
    aku tggu transfomers versi kerabat astana plak..
    ehee~ ;p

  17. hohohohoooe...selamat menunggulah yea~
    *cicit ko dh tue pon blom tntu lg bnde nie bakal tlaksane lg..hihi*

  18. mana perginya semangat kerabat astana boleh?


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