Sunday, 30 May 2010

Back-Up Plan - to - see another movie

J-Lo is back after a four-year screen absence. On the evidence of The Back-up Plan  she needs another sabbatical. As witty as Gigli, as Shakespearean as The Wedding Planner, this limp rom-com bumps from one piece of comic furniture to another.

When the heroine’s test-tube pregnancy collides with her belated discovery of Mr Right [Alex O’Laughlin], conflict and hilarity ensue in subatomic quantities. The worst moment is a scene of new-age underwater birth, the moviemakers eager to midwife mirth but causing it to miscarry on every count. 
Just say cheese: Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin fail to sizzle in The Back-up Plan

When a woman's waters break, she would head straight for the hospital right?! But no, J-Lo stops off at a farmer's market to play yet another interminable, tearful love scene with Stan, who's just broken up with her again. It turns out that, while they've been apart, he's named a cheese after her. It's the one sensible thing he does. Romantic comedies don't come cheesier than this. *blwek*

 Lopez's star baggage combined with her bland, inexpressive face does her no favours, while a cardboard cut-out with a tape-recorder glued to the back would've made a better fist of things than O'Loughlin.

This is his first leading-man role and, with any luck, it may be his last.

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