Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Bounty Hunter

Before we begin our reviews, allow me a mini-rant. Too many movies these days have crappy dialogue, bad photography and stories that have little connection to the way real people act and talk. In addition, product placement is so up front, it can overwhelm whatever story has been cobbled together from spare parts stolen from the other cookie-cutter flicks that came before the latest “wait-for-the-video” extravaganza.

Yes, The Bounty Hunter falls smack dab into the middle of my rant. While damning with very faint praise, I will concede that it is better than Gerard Butler’s previous rom-com, last summer’s horrible The Ugly Truth
*It's becoming increasingly clear that Gerard Butler should probably stay as far away from the romcom genre as possible, as the actor has thus far shown a lamentable penchant for selecting material of an exceedingly [and disappointingly] run-of-the-mill nature.*

The Bounty Hunter is supposed to be a romantic comedy-action movie hybrid - Hepburn and Tracy in Midnight Run - but it fails all genre requirements. Aniston and Butler's bickering is tedious from the start and fuels neither romance nor comedy. And someone should tell director Andy Tennant that an action movie should contain more than a 60-second comic rooftop chase in the beginning, a 40-second car chase in the middle and a 10-second shootout at the end. The car chase is nicely edited, though, and doesn't use CGI. So for 40 seconds, The Bounty Hunter isn't that bad.

Nothing connects in "Bounty Hunter" because nothing is real. Butler is convincing enough as a bounty hunter - all he needs is the stubble and the convertible - but Aniston is dull and unbelievable as a hard-bitten reporter [the same job Mendes played in Hitch]. The script is more to blame than the actress, but Aniston's personality is too relaxed for screwball comedy.

The location photography in Queens and Atlantic City is a highlight that adds some color, but "The Bounty Hunter" is a dull, inert lump. The premise fails to become a story, the characters fail to become people and the script stalls far more often than it runs.

SRi: Seriously NO Megan Fox on Transformers 3??Its look like Ayesha Takia without.... *urgh!!*

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