Thursday, 28 May 2009

Blog Parti Komunis??

Owh yeah,thats right~PKM is online now!! Maybe finally we can hear their side of the story for once. I am not saying their fight is justified. I just want to see it from their side point of view. Let's put it this way.

You can actually read a few pages from a commemorative comic made for the 50th anniversary of PKM in that blog.

In those comics they often show how "evil" capitalism is. The love using the word "glorious battle" , " comrades" and " fighting for the people". I never knew that this kind of comic was available in my own country and my own mother tongue 29 years ago!

Here are a few pages that I find interesting.

Notice the word "serangan hendap indah"... I can't help but laugh. Probably a direct translation from " a glorious ambush"..hehe Also note the exaggerated figures of "beribu-ribu juta ringgit" just to emphasise on the wastefulness...hihi
SRi:Thanx to obefiend~check it out babe!

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