Thursday, 13 August 2009

DiStRiCt 9

*warning-please proceed your reading to be spoiled when watching[better don't laa watch it] this absolutely nop-megablockbuster movie*
Opening-2.0 stars
Pembinaan Plot-2.5stars
Teknik penceritaan-2.0stars
Penstrukturan watak-2.5stars

Absolutely don't you eva eva try to watch this movie! We Malaysianz memang tara suka dengan filem bergenre bajet dokumentari ni.. [stil confuse with International Critics whose always give high point to those movie in this nop so nice genre]So,x payah sussaa2 bazer duet masa maw p beli diz movie.. DON'T!!

Ok,the story is told tru the eyes of Wikus, a corporate bureaucrat who'd make one of Ricky Gervais' bumbling characters look competent. A mass of blithe bigotry and squirming obsequiousness, Wikus only wants to go along to get ahead. So when his father-in-law appoints him head of a round-up-the-prawns operation, Wikus is happy not to ask questions. But when a freak accident begins turning him into a prawn [commercial name for these aliens], too, all order disappears.

Just only specially for you, I conclude some facts trivia that we might learn from thiz movie [enjoy it! XD]
  1. Aliens like to land in south africa
  2. Humans do not like things that they don't understand
  3. Touching something you have never seen before can get you in trouble
  4. Humans are greedy bastards who always wants the best weapons to make their armies strong
  5. The guy who always gets sick turns out to the the hero
  6. Advanced aliens from a different planet, make shanty towns to live in
  7. If an Alien is broadcasted on tv their faces must be censored and voice must be dubbed
  8. The hero once again is white in a movie that takes place in africa.... [ref to Blood Diamond-d'Caprio]
  9. When meeting a new race from outer space always ask "How do your weapons work?"
  10. Aliens want to go home.
  11. Humans like studying things they don't understand even if its going to get them killed
  12. If infected by an alien virus go to the nearest shanty town basement and pilot a alien suit of armor
SRi:Good For Nothing..


  1. yg 12 fakta ni. lawak2 belaka..hahahaah

  2. tpi tue laa facts yg bkl ko jupe dlm filem nie! XD


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