Thursday, 27 August 2009


*warning-please don't proceed your reading if you don't want to be spoiled when watching this megablockbuster movie*
Opening- 3.5 stars
Pembinaan Plot- 3.5stars
Teknik penceritaan- 4.0stars
Penstrukturan watak- 3.5stars
Closing- 3.5stars
Bonus- 4.5bentang
Konklusi- 3.75stars!!
How many alien-invasion movies do you see where you root for the aliens to win? Except for one splendidly bizarre scene, “Aliens in the Attic’’ is conveyor-belt family product, an action/adventure/sci-fi/comedy made from the bland corporate DNA of Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel.

That one scene, though - it’s a honey. See, the nasty little ETs who have invaded the vacation home of the Pearson clan shoot darts that turn grown-ups into zombies controlled by a video-game-style joystick. At one point both the arrogant boyfriend (Robert Hoffman) and dear sweet Nana (Doris Roberts) get zapped and embark on a kickboxing battle of epic comic proportions. It’s almost worth the price of admission to see Mom from “Everybody Loves Raymond’’ go medieval a la “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’’ and SRi absolutely love this choreography more than in GI Joe’s one.

Yeah, If I saw ALIENS IN THE ATTIC in 1998, I would have really liked it. Seeing it now at the age of 22, I still didn’t really hate it, but just because I didn’t hate it doesn’t necessarily mean that I liked it.. XD There is a certain infectious energy and creativity that was put into this. The kids are smarter than the grownups; the aliens are kind of fun and sweet. I liked Hanna’s (Ashley Boettcher) ‘rambut gerbang’ scene, and I thought the jerk boyfriend, Ricky played by Robert Hoffman was pretty funny [my sisters really enjoy laughing at him]. Sure it’s all slapstick nonsense with him hitting himself as he’s controlled by aliens with a Jim Carrey’s spastic face, but sometimes stupid simplicity is what we need. Also, the little girl, Hanna is really adorable and actually has some good comic timing.

Just I may wonder why this attempt at child-friendly sci-fi comedy contains quite so many bikini shots of Ashley Tisdale and how Tom (Carter Jenkins) in what way could know the reason they are floating were from that magical shining grenade? [Ya Yaa, he is a mathelets-they’re genius people. Ok,fine,they know everything what goes around this universe..] May I know why this movie is IN THE ATTIC? Am I slept on that time they tell you about it?
Sri:Still waiting for The Collector, Julie&Julia, Inglourious Basterds and Halloween II.


  1. cite ni kelakar..ngeeeeee
    yg mamat tu cute..
    tp ropol lg cute...hahaha

  2. berkomentar...
    russak sggohlaa cucu aq nie!

  3. tgk la atok aku sape.
    lg 10x ganda rosak..ngeeeeee

  4. helllooooo....ckp cube baek2 skeet eyh~ hehehe

  5. ko baca la ngan nada baik..die jd baik la....adeyh

  6. ya allaaah...baek mulianyea ti mu cik balqis ooui~ XD


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