Sunday, 24 October 2010

Bad Things Women Do To Men

Women can be not good, and often do some things to men. When it comes to relationships, sometimes women can be really rude. Since the feminist movement gained momentum and won the struggle for gender equality appears to have overcome  in the opposite direction.
cruel things women do to men1 Bad Things Women Do To Men
Some women use their power of solidarity that would have made an agreement about what is socially acceptable for women to men in a relationship.
Have agreed among themselves that these procedures perfectly justified regardless of the fact that playing with emotion or ego man.
Based on this, we gathered 10 cruelest actions that women can do men. Let’s start with number 10. Gulp..
10 – Do not appear on the phone
Convince you that you that your phone number and you feel good about yourself. Your charm and good looks are obviously impressed. Unfortunately, when trying to call it, it does not answer or, worse still, gave you the wrong number.
cruel things women do to men10 Bad Things Women Do To Men
9 – They use men for free drinks
cruel things women do to men9 Bad Things Women Do To Men
Some women come not planning had to spend his own money in a club or bar. Instead, they rely on their female tricks that will convince the guys to pay them a drink. Some girls will take the opportunity to get to know a boyfriend, but others will to have a drink, flirt a bit and go to the next man that will empty the wallet.
8 – Using men as a safe reserve
cruel things women do to men8 Bad Things Women Do To Men
Maybe you have a connection for a while and you notice that her eyes became distracted. Begins to be more upset with you or it does not bother your conflicts. Her friends hear when you enter the room. Avoid your calls. Her things are disappearing from the common dwelling. All this she does when she wants to put an end to your relationship and yes.
7 – Emotionally manipulate men
cruel things women do to men7 Bad Things Women Do To Men
Men do not like to see a woman crying and a some girls will use this fact to get what they want. In general, women are more emotional and some of them are easy to use total misunderstanding of women’s feelings of male to pull out one of them. Just a few well-planned attack of tears or anger and most men will do anything to stop it.
6 – Using physical anger
cruel things women do to men6 Bad Things Women Do To Men
Men are mostly bringing up that she could not be put forth his hand on the girl. Unfortunately, there are some  women using this feature a man to gain power over him. In the mind of some girls is perfectly acceptable to slap a boyfriend when he says something you are angry.


  1. where's the other 4??hoho...
    did i include in any of them??
    rs cm xdek kot..hihi

    wanna know sumting??
    evry single thing done for a reason..
    should do a research y those women above act repulsively towards men...~**ngeeeeeee..
    **it's jez my point of biggy...XD


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