Friday, 18 December 2009

AVATAR:the unreal thing

*warning-please don't proceed your reading if you don't want to be spoiled when watching this megablockbuster movie*

Opening- 3.0 stars
Pembinaan Plot- 3.3stars
Teknik penceritaan- 3.5stars
Penstrukturan watak- 3.3stars
Closing- 4.5stars
Bonus- 4.0bentang
Konklusi- 3.6stars!!

1. Opening with a bored non-commercial narrator voice
2. Plots take too long to develop love sensation between Jack Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) until we can guess what will happen next and at last I don't feel their LOVE anymore

3. This movie takes itself way too seriously; there are no cute or funny moments, nothing. Make me sleepy sometimes

4. Nice CGI technic. The details SUPERB!

5. UTOPIA - nice word to describe Pandora. Beautiful scenery, unique flora and crazy idea of wild beast! With floating island, gorgeously tree absolutely will make your jaw drop and say Waaaaaaa~

6.  I love the ending when those fauna came help to destroy "Sky People" troop. Should be the half or 1/3 of this movie is all about their fighting to protect their family and lovely planet not just wandering around jumping along the forest!

 7. Blue-skinned, yellow-eyed, big nose, tiger stripes plus shining star and 10-foot tall Na'vi for me wasn't a really nice combination for these aliens to look beautiful and cool.
8. With covering their tits and reproductive organs, so; this movie may 'suitable' watched by children also! Nice 'job' Cameron

9. Is there anybody know what happened to Neytiri's farther and brother after they've been killed by Sky People? Are they buried or just left there rotten being candle lite dinner for Aewa?? sigh

10.  Which is more logic? Ask your God to help an old-not sexy-stranger who 'involved' in destroying your home or friends and your families who will wipe your tears? Of courselah we choose to help Dr. Augustine Grace! We are a very noble and non-selfish alien. ngaaaa~

11.  Mm, I don't think I wanna go watching this movie for the second time XP


  1. the show was quite d graphic r superb..tu jelaaa kot..
    xde mood nk komen movies lebeyh2..huhu
    sedeyh btol...
    **cant wait to watch alvin n chipmunks 2 + sherlock holmes + tooth fairy + a few others..

  2. hak hak hak..
    aku dah agak dahh..
    ko ngntok dlm wayang tuuu..

    erk..aku pon..hahahahah

    lama benor..sakit blkg duk cite lotr lak tu jeee die nk ckp..ish..

    suke no 8 tu..haha

  3. yupz..very2 long! almost 3 hours make me sooo sleepy wif their life love harmony thing~ nothing interesting to b proud dat can rush d adrenaline!!

    btw,takziah to u yaa tora~ don worry,evrytg came wif a great price to pay.. mayb u'll got sumtin more exciting dan mnguntungkan! sabar yea dear~

    ohoooe..ade tooth fairy eyh? btw,dh nonton princess frog??rmi kattew nice~

  4. yg penting laaayaaan jek weyh...
    LOTR mmg aku tido jek tros!!hehe...
    tgk cite hindustan lg besh kn nippo??ahaaks2
    nk adrenaline rush g wat bungy jumping laaa...kueng3

    u know wut??
    diz is d 2nd time i heard d word takziah from u...n for a different "ocassion"...huuuuuu
    plz pray that i'll b among those 3 or 4 person who r going to b selected...
    it's really damn!!bad!!coz i'm very frustrated laaa dear...aku jd cm agak speechless ms interview td...blanko!!!
    sedeyh sgt2...
    tp aku tau..xde rezeki laa namenye klu ade rezeki..i'm sure will get it...::sigh::.

    ~**thanx dear 4 d support n alwiz there when i'm in least,it could ease my burden....waaaaarggh!!!miss yaaa so much bucuuuuk!!xtau nk luahkn kt sape...nk b'ckp..nk luahkn kekecewaaan..isk3 (=_=")

    tooth fairy bkn cite kartun laaa yunk...
    the rock blakon!!its a comedy..alaa2 bedtime story g2..xsmpat laa tgk princess frog..dh abeh dh pon tayangan nye..huuuuuu~**preview cm besh jek..beli cd rrr...xpon donload jek..


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