Saturday, 3 January 2009

FOoled AGain.. =(

Politics has a short-lived memory, not only do the voters forget the past four years but also the viewers from around the world. Nobody shouldve expected Obama to bring about the 'change' he promised. The only change we see is a newly-elected democratic president for the first time in eight years, who happens to be of mixed ancestry (hes not even a real African American). Those are the only changes he brought about. I think Obama's administration will be less aggressive, in a military point of view, than that of Bush. Simply because, America cant afford extensive military campaigns that it once was able of doing. Also, the democrats have a reputation of taking non-violent measures when they want to voice their foreign policies. Having said that, there are certain red tapes America will never cross, regardless of who becomes president.

Its the American deal, NOT the American dream. The American deal is the deal every presidential candidate does with the lobbyists before entering the white house. This
deal is what makes one person enter the white house and another one not. McCain lost this deal, not because he want for the Israeli agenda, but because Obama was the best of the bunch. All candidates are pro-Israel, all are following the Zionist plot. But in reality, America is all that. A country that would forever be backed by its biggest lobbying power: the Israeli lobby. And this group has its agendas. Iran is nonnegotiable. The only difference is, democrats wont negotiate by applying non-military measures. Republicans wont negotiate with Iran by possibly aplpying military measures. But theres another irony to all this, Obama is already pressured to say that military force is still an option against Iran, come January 20th when he becomes the president.

So many brainwashed people don't get it, Obama is the false "scholars" worst nightmare - he can bomb the crap out of Iran all day, he has a mile of Teflon around him. When 200,000 Germans are wildly cheering for him, and he enjoyed 90% support of both foreign publics and their govt's worldwide, he has infinite political capital with which to hit Iran.

Just as leftist Clinton could bomb at will, with little recourse or media questioning, Obama, as a black man, could practically wipe Asia off the map and millions would still be cheering for him.

This is exactly why I wanted him to win over McCain, who would have had a very difficult time trying to conduct foreign wars; the press had basically written him off as a Bush clone, if not worse. Obama can smash Iran 6 days a week, and twice on Sunday, and who's going to attack him for it? Le Monde? The whole worldwide left not only voted for him, they have annointed him the Second Coming.

We all saw the interview a few days ago, the speech he made, and the Zionists around him. From Joe Biden all the way to Rahm Emmanuel, who is probably more in charge of issues than the president ever will be. Secretary of finance is also going to be a jew. Jews have a bigger base with democrats than with republicans. That isnt to say republicans arent pro-Zionism, they all are. But its well known republicans have those extreme right win christians who have that little bit of anti-jewish prejudism.

Anyhow this is the conclusion. America, land of the redtapes. You cant cross it, and Obama sadly deceived millions of arabs and muslims worldwide because of his skin color and promises to bring change. They thought that his middle name "Hussein" and his Kenyan ancestry would mean he'll be sympathetic to the cause of Allah. They're so stupid, any person who makes it into the white house is sympathetic for one thing and one thing only: Zionism

SRi: For as long as the US backs Israel, we eill continue see Israel ignoring world opinion as it murders Palestinians & destroy their towns & cities...

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