Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Why Student shud SLEEP MORE??hihi

If anyone try to attempt an all-night study session, better just go to sleep. Research done by the University of Liege in Belgium suggests a good night’s sleep after solid study enhances recall.

Researchers asked volunteers to learn the layout of a virtual town adapted from a computer game. Brain scans of these volunteers during sleep after their study showed higher activity in the hippocampus - the brain learning center, higher than in a control group who had not studied.

The researchers then tested the learners' knowledge after the sleep session and found that there was a direct link between performance and the level of brain activity during sleep. The result provide critical evidence that hippocampal activity during sleep correlates with the improvement in memory performance.

So get enough sleep, they will improve your memory and give good memory recall to you. This could be a step to good result. Bye :)



  1. aku suke..aku suke...hehe
    aku tido min 9jam..max 13jam 1 ari...pas blk klas mndi tros tido smpai sok pg...bengang bdk2 umah i'll make sure i finish my omwork first...aku pon xtau laa nape...aku nye biology clock cm xbtol...hoho
    bahagia weyh cenggitu....xde sape brani pasal gud result tu xsure laaak aku....boley apply kt aku ke???lalalalalaa....kene tgk result sem 2 laaa...maintain ke jatoh....woooooooo???taakuuuut.........

  2. ooo...suke2....dgr thr dulu. ye x? hahahah...

  3. shhhh...jgnlaa cakap dkat cnie ajie~hehe

  4. ak pon suke tido..
    tp cik tora lebih suke tido dr ak

  5. ooowh..jelas sgt tuh!hahhahahahhaa

  6. pehal wat sesi ngate aku???
    biar laaaa...aku kn sleeping beauty...ahaaks2

  7. yeah..tido is the best..muahahaha


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