Monday, 19 January 2009

How to tackle your date according to HER "sign" ?

Okay, because we still not yet in Aquarius mood, so we will start with Capricorn first ya!

How To Date a Capricorn Girl??
~22 Disember til 19 January~

If you are dating a Capricorn girl, take her to dinner at the best restaurant in town, arrive in a limousine (Camry pun no probleymo!i x kesah u..) with FLOWERS. Dress in your designer clothes, and be impeccable. Be successful at whatever you are undertaking. Let her know about it. It's ok, to tell her you made two million last year..hehe but don't be cheap. Tell her you have been saving yourself for the right woman, and that you have been working your buns off , to build your empire. Tell her you need someone to share this big business burden with, and that your thoughts are about expanding your business. Hint that a woman, would be perfect as a manager in your new expansion. She will be so intrigued, that she will offer you sound business suggestions. She is really SMART! So, be carefully in whatever had happen between two of you!

Capricorn women won't compete with you, they'll help climb the ladder. Don't forget about her. She loves expensive presents with thought behind them. Her little "black book" is filled with business appointments, not telephone numbers.

Capricorn girl are almost always successful in whatever they undertake. They don't take enough time to eat, so take her to lunch, dinner and your next corporate meeting. (If you are still a student,please change the situation by you own risk!hahaha) Business thrills them. She may seem cold emotionally, but don't be fooled. She has those sexual infernos, looking for a release! She does not trust men entirely, so don't give her the bums rush, or you will be part of the homeless. She would be a great wife to a success oriented man. She can entertain your clients, and friends. Capricorn females, can be boss in marriage too. Be prepared to be henpecked, if you are thinking marriage!hahhahahhaa (No heart feeling yaa Nad&Shikin!hihi)

Briefly, capricorn peoples (men&women) are often excellent in matters of business. Extremely protective of their loved ones and belongings, but have a tendency to overthink things and worry too much. They are very stubborn, especially when they think they know the best, but with this come a great passion for all things.

Capricorn also a hardworking, reliable, trustworthy,managed and focused person..

SRi:Tapi hangpa janganla duk ngengada pi ber"tuhan"kan natang2 neyh!Syirik tuh..ini semua cumalah sebagai pembantu pemberi "clue" shj.Segala yang terjadi adalah atas kehendakNya jua akhirnya!


  1. waaah~ kenape aku dibabitkan dalam artikel ini? =P

  2. hahahhahaa..ade ke??mane?mane??hehe


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