Sunday, 5 December 2010

10 BIGGEST Nerd in Nick!!

biggest nickelodeon tv nerd The 10 biggest nerds in Nickelodeon TV show history
Nickelodeon is a network that his seen its fair share of nerds. Of all the uncool characters ever featured on the network, here are the ten nerdiest. Hahahahha

chuckie rugrats 135x95 The 10 biggest nerds in Nickelodeon TV show history10 Chuckie Finster – Rugrats
Though Chuckie is only two years old, you can already tell that he’s going to be a lifelong virgin. His giant glasses, buckteeth and aversion to any sort of adventure (“Maybe this isn’t such a good idea, Tommy”) are the calling cards of any future live-action role player. Not surprisingly, Chuckie hangs out with babies who are a full one-year younger than him. His fear of the guy on the Quaker Oats box and asthma-inspired speech pattern serve as cherries on the top for this double-fudge nerd sundae.

eliza thornberry 135x95 The 10 biggest nerds in Nickelodeon TV show history9 Eliza Thornberry – The Wild Thornberries
Glasses? Check. Braces? Check. Wiry braids? Check. One look at young Eliza and it’s clear that she’d fit right in at the Model U.N. Club of any middle school. Despite her supremely cool ability to talk to animals, she manages to dork it up in typical nerd fashion. Her head is filled with a library-sized amount of zoology facts. Additionally, her best friend is a chimpanzee – a fact that hints at her inability to have social interactions with kids her own age.

josh peck 135x95 The 10 biggest nerds in Nickelodeon TV show history8 Josh – Drake and Josh
Unlike many characters on this list, Josh doesn’t immediately strike you as a complete nerd. However, as with real life, looks can often be deceiving. His devotion to getting good grades and affinity for following the rules place him in stark contrast with his much cooler step brother. And though he’s much too old to enjoy the simple pleasures of a model rocket, he just can’t help but jump for joy at the idea of seeing science in action.

Quinn Pensky 135x95 The 10 biggest nerds in Nickelodeon TV show history7 Quinn Pensky – Zoey 101Quinn is the resident egghead at Pacific Coast Academy. With her geeky glasses and frequently braided hair, she certainly fits the classic look of a dork. Add in the fact that her favorite pastime is science, and it’s easy to see why she makes this list. Other Quinn facts that up her geek factor include her pension for playing the trombone, a pet alpaca and the sixth toe on her right foot.

Carl Wheezer 135x95 The 10 biggest nerds in Nickelodeon TV show history6 Carl Wheezer – The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron
A television show that revolves around super-smart kids is bound to include a super nerd or two. Unfortunately for Carlton, he earns the title of king dork for the series. Outfitted with a mop of red hard and oversized glasses, Carl is essentially an older version of Chuckie from Rugrats. He’s shy, carries an inhaler and is allergic to EVERYTHING (even lasers).

ferguson clarissa 135x95 The 10 biggest nerds in Nickelodeon TV show history5 Ferguson Darling – Clarissa Explains It All
For some reason, Nickelodeon equates having red hair with being a nerd. “Ferg-Face” is the socially awkward younger brother of Clarissa. In a lot of ways, he serves as a younger, whiter version of Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He is a card-carrying Young Republican that is obsessed with Dan Quayle. He also dresses like he’s perpetually on his way to interview for a membership at the local country club.

felix the troop 135x95 The 10 biggest nerds in Nickelodeon TV show history4 Felix – The Troop
Felix is the latest nerd stereotype to join the Nickelodeon family. Thanks to his high IQ, he is the tech-genius of The Troop – a secret society tasked with protecting citizens from the dangers of monsters and creatures (naturally, these duties are the responsibilities of teenagers). Though his inclusion in The Troop has fooled him into thinking he carries the cool factor of James bond, this belief couldn’t be further from the truth.

bessie mighty b 135x95 The 10 biggest nerds in Nickelodeon TV show history3 Bessie Higgenbottom – The Mighty B!
Well would you look at that… another Nick nerd with glasses and red hair. Bessie is an overzealous Honeybee scout that is under the impression that she will become a superhero if she collects every Honeybee badge available. Her obvious lisp and model citizen attitude further add to her “super spaz” persona.
doug tv show 135x95 The 10 biggest nerds in Nickelodeon TV show history2 Doug Funnie – Doug
Any 11-and-a-half-year-old who prefers to pick the banjo instead of an electric guitar is a grade-A royal nerd. With his patented sweater vest and shy demeanor, Doug Funnie is far from the most popular kid in Bluffington. His constant preference to hide in worlds of fantasy (Quailman, Smash Adams, Race Canyon, etc.) doesn’t do much to help him conform with the rest of his school class. Sorry, Dougie, but I’m afraid Patti Mayonnaise will always be well out of your league.

1 Sponge – Salute Your Shorts
sponge salute 135x95 The 10 biggest nerds in Nickelodeon TV show historyCamp is a bad place for nerds. Yet, somehow Sponge managed to fight his allergies and poor motor skills to survive many a day at Camp Anawana. Named Sponge because he has the ability to “soak up information,” his bowl-topped head is filled with a mountain of information. Not surprisingly, he a favorite punching bag of Budnick, the camp bully.

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